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Introduction to the Who's Who Supplement

An Elgarian Who's Who, first published by Elgar Works in 2014, was always seen as a work in progress. The passage of time will inevitably bring to light further information which would have been included in the volume had it been known in advance of publication; and publication itself was expected to prompt readers with particular knowledge of the subject of a biography included in the volume to contact the editor and offer the benefit of their expertise, as has proved to be the case. It was therefore agreed not to delay publication, thus making the biographies available to readers of the Collected Correspondence, and to use this section of the website to provide supplementary information as it became available

Supplementary information comes under three headings which roughly correspond to the reasons likely to prompt readers to consult the website:

  • Additional information unavailable at the time of publication; and
  • Correction of errors

can be found here:    A-F    G-P    Q-Z

  • Additional entries where previously unknown Elgar correspondents have come to light; and
  • Additional cross referencing

can be found here:    A-F    G-P    Q-Z

New information is also published in annual supplements pre-formatted for printing in a preferred format. The first annual supplement was published in April 2015 and can be downloaded by following one of these links:

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