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Our Mission

Elgar Works is a charity whose aim is to stimulate wider interest in the life and music of the composer Edward Elgar, and in particular in his less well known works.

The specific aims of the Collected Correspondence edition is:

  • to locate and collect correspondence and other written, non-musical material pertinent to Elgar's life and music;
  • to protect such material against loss so that, in the fullness of time, with other material yet to be discovered, it can form the bedrock of the Complete Correspondence;
  • to encourage scholarship by improving access to this written material;
  • while at the same time providing an engaging and illuminating insight on Elgar's life, aimed at increasing understanding of the man and his music.

In pursuance of these aims, the publishers intend:

  • to bring previously published volumes of Elgar correspondence back into print, including those written by Jerrold Northrop Moore and published by Oxford University Press;
  • to publish, in collated and themed volumes based on the template established by Dr Moore, other as-yet-unpublished letters, together with correspondence previously published in scattered locations and in less well-assimilated formats;
  • to publish in full the diaries of Elgar and his immediate family, notably the extensive diaries written by his wife Alice, with a commentary setting the context of individual diary entries;
  • to publish in supplementary volumes a comprehensive collection of short biographies of those who appear in the correspondence and diaries and a consolidated index to the full series;
  • to use the website to update published volumes as new correspondence emerges and further participants are identified.

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