Elgar Complete Edition

Volume 42
Piano Concerto, Symphony No.3

Series VI : Sketches and Fragments

Publication Plan

  • Projected publication date : 2025
  • Publisher : Elgar Works
  • ISBN : 978-1-904856-42-9 (hardback)

Detailed Description

  • Editor : Phillip Lancaster
  • Page size : 350 mm x 250 mm (portrait)
  • Binding : cloth (hardback)
  • Contents :
    • All surviving sketches of the Piano Concerto, Symphony No.3 and the Scherzo for piano and orchestra
    • A scholarly foreword recording the history of Elgar's composition of the sketches;
    • A comparative description of all known source material;
    • A comprehensive commentary detailing editorial decisions and amendments;
    • A range of facsimiles illustrating significant features of the sketches

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