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Our Mission

Elgar Works, publisher of the Elgar Complete Edition, is a charities whose aim is to stimulate wider interest in the music of the composer Edward Elgar, and in particular in his less well known works.

The specific aims of the Elgar Complete Edition are not only to publish further volumes in the Edition but to:

  • offer volumes on a variety of favourable terms which places them within financial reach of all who may wish to buy them;
  • bring all volumes of the Complete Edition back into print, including those published by Novello prior to 1994 which are not currently available;
  • develop an electronic version of volumes which takes advantage of the interactivity of the electronic medium to allow a greater appreciation of the music and to facilitate more detailed study by students with different knowledge bases;
  • help stimulate performances of the music by making available matching scores and parts at economic prices.

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