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Elgar - His Life

    An Elgar Timeline for December 1911 has been added. This includes a day-by-day account of Elgar's life, including excerpts from the family diaries.

Elgar - His Music

    The publication of The Elgar Society Edition, the continuation of the complete edition of all Elgar's music, has continued with the issue of Volume 24: Music for String Orchestra Click here for full details.

    A new CD release from Elgar Editions is now available: David Owen Norris's recording of transcptions of Falstaff and the Pomp and Circumstance Marches

    The previous CD release from Elgar Editions is still available: The Dream of Gerontius, volume 6 in the series Elgar's Interpreter's on Record, is of an Austrian Radio broadcast of January 1960, with Julius Patzak as Gerontius.

And remember that :

    - the Elgar Diary is updated whenever we receive new details of concerts.

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