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Meet the Editors

Martin Bird - Editor of 'Elgar's Kingdom'

Martin discovered Elgar in the days when he always featured in the list of A-level Music set works. He was thus introduced to the glories of The Dream of Gerontius - not a bad starter! He's studied, performed, written about and enjoyed Elgar ever since, not least when he was really supposed to be working for a living in the computer department of a major airline

He eventually upset his bosses sufficiently to be given very early retirement, since when he has been enjoying Elgar even more, while working as a freelance musician, writer, trainer and consultant.

Robert Gilbert - Editor of 'You Wrote ...'

Robert hails from farming stock in Lincolnshire, England. He attended Stamford School, in common with other musical luminaries such as Michael Tippett and Malcolm Sargent, where he acquired a rudimentary yet envious musical education. His first experiences with Elgar's music came with playing the cymbals in the School Orchestra in Op. 39 No. 1, and singing in a local performance of 'The Music Makers'. He joined the Elgar Society in the early 90s and somehow became embroiled in the well being of the Society Web Site.

Other interests include National Hunt horse racing, facilitated by his residence in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (the home of National Hunt racing in the UK), and computers. Employment within the computer industry has (to date) proved sufficient to finance his dissolute life style.

Dominic Guyver - Editor of 'You Asked ...'

Dominic Guyver has been an Elgar enthusiast since the age of twelve when a recording of the "Enigma" Variations and a snippet of the famous Ken Russell film of the composer simultaneously captured his imagination. Since then he's spent very many happy hours listening to Elgar's music at concerts and at home, reading about his life and music and carrying out his own explorations of the places Elgar knew and loved. He now works at the University of Birmingham where Elgar was the first Professor of Music, and spends a lot of his spare time attempting to play Elgar pieces on the piano.

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