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Volumes in bold have now been published in the Collected Correspondence edition, the year of publication being given in brackets.
Volumes in italic are planned for publication over the next two-three years.

Series I: The Wider Perspective

Series II: Family and Friends

Series III: Elgar at work

  • Vol. III-1/2/3. Elgar and his Publishers, edited by Jerrold Northrop Moore
  • Vol. III-4. Elgar on Record, edited by Jerrold Northrop Moore
  • Vol. III-5. Elgar and his Collaborators: correspondence with Acworth, Benson, Binyon, Blackwood, Cammaerts, Hardy, Kipling, Yeats/Moore
  • Vol. III-6. Elgar and the Festivals: correspondence with festival organisers and concert promoters
  • Vol. III-7. Elgar in Performance 1 : correspondence with Hans Richter, edited by Martin Bird (2017)
  • Vol. III-8. Elgar in Performance - 2 : correspondence with concert promoters, conductors, singers and concert artists
  • Vol. III-9. Elgar and his Critics: correspondence with Bennett, Newman and Kalisch
  • Vol. IIII-10. Elgar at Court

Series IV: Elgar and the arts

Series V: The Family Diaries

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