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Those wishing to read more about the Cello Concerto may wish to consult the following books. Those that remain in print can be purchased from the Elgar Birthplace Museum Shop. A more comprehensive Elgar bibliography can be found elsewhere on this site.

Robert Anderson - Elgar (Dent Master Musicians Series, 1993):
A comprehensive biography written by the editor of the Complete Edition of Elgar's scores. It provides a detailed description of the work's composition and of its harmonic structure.

Pauline Collett - Elgar Lived Here (Thames, 1981):
The perfect handbook for a visit to Fittleworth to see the landscape that inspired the Cello Concerto. Features a detailed description of Brinkwells and also tells how the area has changed since Elgar lived and worked there.

Norman and Jonathan Del Mar - Conducting Elgar (Clarendon, 1998):
Contains a perceptive chapter about performing the concerto. Whether you conduct yourself or just dream of doing so, this view from the podium is highly instructive.

Michael Kennedy - Portrait of Elgar (Oxford, 1993):
Cogent observations about the score and a discussion of the composer's state of mind during the war years from one of the most astute commentators on Elgar and his music.

Diana M. McVeagh - Edward Elgar : His Life and Music (Dent, 1955):
This early study offers perceptive insights into the emotions at work in Elgar's music.

Jerrold Northrop Moore - Elgar : A Creative Life (Oxford, 1999):
An indispensable book for any Elgarian, employing a broad range of primary sources to create a nearly day-by-day account of Elgar's life as a composer. Originally published in 1984; now available in a new paperback edition.

Percy M. Young - Elgar: O.M. (Collins, 1955):
The first full-scale biography of Elgar, with many valuable observations about the concerto and his other works as well.

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