Elgar portrait -
from a painting belonging to Arthur Reynolds

an Elgar Timeline
- - -
Events of 100 Years Ago



End of the Sidney Street siege in London

The Automobile Association amalgamates with the Motor Union.

The Arkansas, the largest U.S. battleship, is launched by the New York Shipbuilding Co.

40th anniversary of the German Second Reich.

1 "E. tired after long journey & Concert & rested in bed -"
2 "A. & C. started at 6 A.M. taxi - for Paddington - Called at Turner's house agents - then to Club for little time then via Waterloo to Byfleet. Saw house, very nice in many ways. No view & E. might find pine woods depressing. Lovely Golf links. Back to Paddington & so home about 8.30 -"
3 "Prof. Terry & May King arrived about 5.15 - taxi - nice Evening Both so peased to be here."
4 The local paper reports: "The Herefordshire Hunt Ball, which took place in the Hereford Shire Hall on Wednesday night, presented, as usual, a brilliant scene. The scheme of decoration consisted on panels of ivory satin, relieved with festoons of pale green. There was a very large company. Among the ladies was … Miss Elgar"
5 "Prof. Terry & May left corridor - Pleasant little episode of visitors -"
6 "E. writing. for walk in afternoon - Ivor Atkins came about 8.30 - after playing in Cathedral to King Manoch -"
7 "E. & Ivor busy, E. writing & Ivor going on with new Edition of S. Matthew Passion."
8 "E. terrible headache - in bed till afternoon.- A. cd. not leave him -"
9 "Pouring rain all day till late in afternoon - E. still vesy porsley & worried over his musics."
10 Elgar writes to Alfred Littleton: "I am all behind with my work & I have grave fears for the 2nd Symphony, but I must decide its fate next week - I have been too cold to do anything"
11 Elgar catches up with his correspondence.
12 "C. to Malvern. with Acworths for County Ball - C. taxi."
13 Alice writes to Windflower: "I am rejoiced to be able to say E. is much better today & the music is the most radiant, exulting strain you can imagine. We have just been another motor drive in his beloved country wh. seems to do him so much good - He is going to Queen Anne's Mansions tomorrow, & hopes to telephone to you."
14 "E. to Queen Anne's - corridor (taxi)"
15 "E. at Queen Anne's - Went to Queen's Hall in aftn. & then with Alice S. W. to tea with the Colvins. E. played a little of the Symphony there -"
16 "E. at Queen Anne's - To. his rehearsal at 10 - in Small Hall. A. & C. to Paddington C. taxi. 9.53 train. A. to Queen’s Hall & heard some rehearsal & some of Müller-Reuter Then to Queen Anne's & back & to Concert. E. conducted splendidly Kreisler played the Concerto marvellously. It seemed on a far wider plane than the Beethoven - In Evg. to Müller-Reuter's Concert. Very interesting he had a great reception. Alice S. W. went back with us & heard a little of the Symphony."
17 "E. at work - A. out various things & seeing house agents -"
18 "A. packed & left after breakfast & went to Club - C. came there & they went to High Wycombe after lunch took Cab & climbed long 2 miles up Chiltern Hills - Not nice house. Back to station & got out at Beaconsfield. Such a pretty old town & so back."
19 Charles Stuart Wortley's diary: "Dinner-party at home: Lady Constance Leslie, Elgars, Colvins, C. Phillips."
20 "E. going on working at Queen Anne’s - A. & C. to try C.’s pretty dress. Then to Reigate & after lunch took cab & went climbing up long 2 miles in thick fog, or shd. have had wonderful view, to Kingwood Cross. Then back to Club. E. came & dined with A. Looked very booful -"
21 "E. at. Queen Anne’s working very hard - A. & C. to see house in Church Row Hampstead"
22 "E. at Queen Anne's - A. & C. at Mrs. Murray's - Very grey & chilly - Lovely view & nice garden. Charming house & all exquisite in it."
23 Elgar writes to Windflower: "Thank you so very much for all the information about the Hampstead House. I hope Alice, who is having tea here will be able to speak to you on the telephone but I send this in case we do not hear your voice."
24 "A. trying to clear up things. E. going on with his wonderful work -"
25 The Musicians Company writes to Elgar: "I have the pleasure to inform you that at a meeting of the Musicians’ Company held yesterday it was upon the proposition of the Master, Mr. Alfred H. Littleton, seconded by Sir Frank Bridge, unanimously resolved to offer you the Honorary Freedom of the Company as a slight recognition of your distinguished service in the art of Music."
26 Alice writes to Windflower: "Dear Alice, the Symphony is wonderful. One is led away to regions beyond worlds - He is working very hard & I trust will not get knocked up -. I have persuaded him into a motor drive 2 or 3 times & it is such a refreshment to him & today & yesterday have been beautiful & scenery, earth & sky - transporting."
27 "E. going on splendidly with Symphony."
28 "E. very ardently at work & finished his 1st movement. Very wonderful & gorgeous - He was hardly over a fortnight scoring & writing this from his sketches -"
29 Elgar writes to Windflower: "I have recorded last year in the first movement to which I put the last note in the score a moment ago & I must tell you this: I have worked at fever heat & the thing is tremendous in energy."
30 "E. beginning to think of 2nd movement of Symphony, having finished 1st movement in a fortnight -"
31 "E. absorbed in his musics. A. preparing to go to London house hunting."


Birth of U.S. actor and 40th President Ronald Reagan.

Financier Baron Albert von Rothschild died in Vienna aged 87.

France builds its first battleships.

The German Reichstag decides to increase peacetime army by 515,000 troops.

1 "E. at home working hard. A. had never been away for one night since marriage when E. was at home. A. & Sarah started by 7.45 train taxi - Straight to Club then to Kingston walked up hill to house nice river, barges &c - Dreadful, heavy, suburban house no good - A. raser homesick -"
2 "A. & Sarah ... to Hampstead. Saw lovely Norman Shaw house & others - others no good - A little shopping on way back. Very dull by her souse."
3 "A. & Sarah to Farnham. Drove through nice old town past beautiful Castle, (Bishop's Palace) & lovely Park - Nice garden but poor house & too inaccessible - no good. Changed & eventually got to Mortlake & walked to a house but horrid, & did not enter. Not quite so cold. Then back to Club."
4 "A. & Sarah to Temple. Long talk with Willie Raikes, then to Walton & Lee & then to Victoria & Oxted - Lovely Country. House sold! wd not have done - Glorious air. Strange chalk country so different but fine - Then to Club & home by 4.45 train Taxi - Found E. & C. all well D.G. E. nearly finished his great first movement."
5 Alice writes to Windflower: "I must send a line & tell you I was much refreshed by my pleasant little evening with you -. Thank you -. I had a long day seeing failures & reached home late but found Edward all well & making wonderful progress. I hope he will be able to see the house I like so much soon - I still dream of it."
6 "E. very possessed with his work - Finished his 2nd. (slow) movement. Very great & impressive. A. hears lament for King Edward & dear Rodewald in it - & all human feeling. E. wrote it all from his sketches in one week - 48 pages, very complicated - E. for rapid walk by his souse -"
7 "E. revising his score of 2nd movement. To Langham Hotel corridor train - Connelly cab."
8 "E. home at 5 - Taxi - Not the worse for going &c - Liked hearing Concerto but it was not well conducted -"
9 "E. going on with his work - Troyte came unexpectedly & stayed the night."
10 "E. going on with his work - Troyte left in the morning."
11 Elgar writes to Windflower: "I have been wondering whether you have seen the Hampstead House! Please tell me ... I am so hard at work but it does not go well now - since my journey - it has gone cold"
12 "E. & C. for Boomerang walk in aftn. E. very hard at work - Getting through 3rd part, wonderful music complicated to a degree -"
13 Richter's returement is announced, and Elgar writes to him: "My dear Hans, I see in the Telegraph an announcement which gives me a great pain. More than half my musical life goes when you cease to conduct, but you must rest and be very happy, in thinking of your splendid artistic work."
14 "E. very hard at work. Approaching end of 3rd movement."
15 "E. had a great day's work & finished his Third wonderful, brilliant movement. Really marvellous only 7 to 8 days writing it from his sketches with so much composing as well as orchestration."
16 Elgar conducts the first performance of his Romance for bassoon and orchestra in Hereford.
17 "Mr. James [LSO man] talked to A. with deep content of the idea of E. conducting the Concerts in Dr. Richter's place - Touching devotion to E - E. to London by corridor -"
18 "E. at Langham - Heard the Wagner Symphony. Had had sight of proofs of his Symphony -"
19 "A. in bed with cold - Very windy - E. not out beyond garden -"
20 "Carice's tonsil very uncomfortable Dr. Butler came, promised grt. improvement in 2 days - not to go out. E. hard at work at splendid 4th movement."
21 "E. happy over his work D.G. it is really sublime - No one with any feeling cd. hear it without an inward sob - It resumes our human life, delight, regret, farewell, the saddest word & then the strong man's triumph -"
22 "Dr. Butler came - C.’s throat very painful & wretched in P.M. & Evening. E. wrote 12 pages all but a few bars of full score - writing the wonderful music of the end of the 4th movement."
23 "Proofs of 1st movement of Symphony arrived. Wonderful looking Score. C. very poorly & suffering much - Splendid patient content & stoical -"
24 "C. still very suffering. E. sailing on with his Symphony & writing the intermediate part. Rather worried over it for a few hours - Then happy over an illumined idea -"
25 At a LSO Board Meeting: "It was unanimously resolved to invite Sir Edward Elgar to be the principal Conductor in succession to Dr. Hans Richter and that he should be asked to conduct 6 Concerts, and that a letter of invitation be sent without delay, and that the question of his fee be asked."
26 Alice writes to Windflower: "You will love to hear the Symphony is nearly finished - All being well, that happy moment will not be far off. E. has loved writing it, but really needs some rest."
27 "E. deep in his work - Very nearly finished -"
28 "This is a day to be marked. E. finished his Symphony. It seems one of his very greatest works, vast in design & supremely beautiful -"


British Foreign Minister Edward Grey declares that Britain will not support France in the event of military conflict.

French time is set to Greenwich Mean Time.

Colonel Teddy Roosevelt opens the Roosevelt Reservoir Dam in Phoenix, Arizona.

Birth of the playwright Tennessee Williams, author of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Scott and Amundsen meet in race for the South Pole.

1 "E. revising & making little alterations - Happy over it."
2 Elgar writes to Harold Brooke: "I am bringing the end of the Sym tomorrow Friday usual time"
3 Elgar writes to Ivor Atkins: "I am just leaving for London with the end of my work (Second Symphony). I cannot tell you how really grieved I have been to have, perforce of circumstances, shut myself away from all friends for the last two months, & most of all from you but the work had to be done, or no roof over the heads of the family - alas! that my paynefulle purse so pryckylls me (spelling not guaranteed). I hope to return from Town on Monday or so & then to Bruxelles, & then the horrible USA tour. I want to see you very much indeed, & it is sad that the MS of the Symphony goes away without your words benedictory or maledictory."
4 "E. returned from London -"
5 Elgar at Plas Gwyn.
6 Elgar sends Windflower a copy of the opening of the second symphony.
7 Elgar writes to Harold Brooke: "I shall be at the Langham tomorrow at the normal time & go to Brussels at 9 o’c. If you have anything to ask me will you come to see me as usual."
8 "E. & A. left by corridor train , A. went off to Hampstead & saw 2 failures of houses. Found Mr. Littleton &.Mr. Pointer & Mr. Clayton with E. at the Langham - Mr. C had long talk much business - E. & A. started about 8 for Brussels - Comfortable journey & voyage -"
9 "E. to rehearsal & A. getting on well - Ysaye interpreted & did all he could & introduced E. to the orch. in a beautiful speech - Orch. applauded much. Rehearsal in old room in old street Salon Rubens -"
10 Elgar writes to Carice: "All goes well – splendid orch. Paint very hapsy: tonight Tosen! Love we think of you always Faser"
11 Alice writes to Carice: "Trust had a good day. Just back from great public rehearsal. Very touching to see the great Eugene playing himself in Symphony with all his heart. Immense enthusiasm,, & walk after walk, recall. It seemed to overwhelm people – Concert at 2.30 tomorrow & hope to start at 8.30 – for Langham"
12 "E. raser late getting up - E. & A. to S. Gudule but were very late. Then after lunch to Alhambra Theatre." in aftn."
13 "Bitterly cold morning. Arrived Charing Cross about.6. Searching blasts of wind. To Langham, nice fire & room. Bathed & rested."
14 "E. & A. out shopping. Bought dressing roll at Pounds & A. little case of bottles for E. & other shopping - Started by corridor - Found C. better. E. seemed to have a little cold -"
15 Elgar writes to Alfred Littleton: "Excuse scrap of paper: I have just accepted the L.S.O. offer (terms as you surmised!) so that’s settled for six concerts."
16 "E. bad cold not out. Very busy finishing the music for the Coronation Service. Orchestrated it & sent it to Sir F. Bridge - It is very beautiful. Mr. Hull came in aftn. & E. played it to him. He was much impressed."
17 Elgar writes to Alfred Littleton: "I have an awful chill & I see no chance of going to Canada"
18 "E. had a fairly good night. Bad headache. Dr. Butler found him better - Quite comfortable & happy. A. sending cables & wires. Very cold & rainy - As E. cd. not go, very delightful to have him. Perhaps may go on 25th that wd. make it a week shorter separation - all being well."
19 "E. in bed all day but comfortable - As he could not go, a joy to be together & to shorten the proposed time of absence -"
20 "E. still upstairs but better."
21 "E. better & downstairs for a little time. C. downstairs & carried up."
22 Elgar writes to Windflower: "I am back in my own blue room. I am really better & have had a short walk: also I have booked my passage on Saturday by the Mauretania!"
23 "Very cold - but E went out with A walking & got a little fresh cold -"
24 "E. better again - but not out - Making preparations to start. Very trying."
25 "E. muss better. Dr. Butler came & said E. should go. Blizzards & very cold. A. with E. to station Pray Heaven keep him Safe - now & always. Jaulnay with him - Taxi & cab - Very desolate wisout E. Had dear telegram from ship."
26 "A' s thoughts with E - sent telegram to Queenstown but it was too late to find E. there - Had telegram in Evening from E. all well thank Heaven -"
27 "Dreadful to feel E. going farther & farther away A. busy clearing up - Dear telegram from Crookhaven -"
28 Elgar writes to Carice from the Mauretania: "Funnelly enough ‘OK’!"
29 "A. to London 1.40 - taxi. to Langham. Went to Junior A. & N. Stores & found a dress - Alone all Evening."
30 "A. to Bedford & Co. & to see Troyte’s friends' house. No good - Then to lunch with Frank - & with him to see lovely North St. house - too small. Cortot there to lunch, very nice. F. took A. to see Automobile Club - very beautiful. Then to Concert. Arena terribly empty. Rather choky to hear Variations. Richter put no fire into Finale - some very beautiful. Muriel Goetz very fine -"
31 "Had dear Cable safe at N. York."


First performance of Ravel's ballet Daphnis et Chloe.

The British census shows a population of 45,200,000, a 9% increase since 1901.

The Italian government establishes state life insurance.

In New York the Carnegie Trust is placed in bankruptcy.

Bradford City beat Newcastle United 1-0 to win the F.A. Cup Final.

1 Charles Harriss writes to Alice: "Sir Edward’s unfortunate indisposition considerably upset things here, as the public are soon alarmed and only too ready to attribute insinuations unjust as they are undeserved. However, Sir Edward has done the best he possibly could by going to the next place, and I shall hope to see him in Toronto on Tuesday. I shall do my utmost to take care of your husband during our journeying together."
2 "Pouring rain - A. had taxi & send cable to E. then to Carmelites & sat close by where E. & A. used to when first in London."
3 Elgar writes to Frances Colvin from Toronto: "Here in this awful place, - without the heart to write to anyone, although my thoughts are with all of - you dear people, every nerve shattered by some angularity - vulgarity & general horror - I had a dreary crossing - found myself in New York & was looked after well & motherly by our dear friend - travelled all night & am now here in ice & snow, brilliant sun & piercing wind & longing for home."
4 Henry Coward: At the first concert, the impressively beautiful Massey Hall was crowded far beyond its normal capacity of 3,200, by an audience whose lowest priced ticket was ten shillings. The chief work was "Gerontius" conducted by the composer, Sir Edward Elgar. The Archbishop was present and, in deference to his wishes, the ladies appeared in ordinary dress."
5 "Frightful blizzards - After lunch started for R. Raikes Centenary Celebration in Mrs. Wedgwood's Car lent road icy & horses sadly slipping gave it up"
6 "Very cold - Just starting home. A. had telegram to say Sarah was ill. Arrived found she wd be in quarantine if entered so drove away after all. Sent a nurse up - & subsided at Green Dragon - Hateful -"
7 "Dear cable from Toronto. Very cold. Still at hateful G. Dragon -"
8 The Buffalo Courier reports: "Big audience expected to hear singers at Convention Hall tonight – Sir Edward Elgar to Sing"
9 "Nice paragraph about E. accepting conductorship L.S.O. - in Sunday Times."
10 "Very cold & gray - Sarah better. No Dr. this day. 2nd post letter card at last from E. Voyage had been dreary & he had very homesick & whole tone so depressed, A. was most mis. & felt she must go & cable - Sent about 2.30 & had reply soon after 7. & was so thankful -"
11 "Raser happier thinking of E. amongst friends in N. York. Sunny & warmer in aftn. it seemed like a different world -"
12 "Line from E. from Toronto Icy cold as I feared he hated it - Thankful I had had my later cable. Sarah out in garden &c. Lovely day at last. Very nice paragraph about 2nd. Symphony in D. Telegraph."
13 Elgar writes to Alfred Littleton: "I am all right & wearing through - but bored to death with noise & irritation - the tour goes on well & all pleasantly with that, but I mean interviewing & general vulgarity &c."
14 "A. to Church at 10.30 or later - Lovely day -"
15 "Dr. Butler came, &, D.G. gave excellent account of C. & thought her nearly well & gave her more freedom. Wonderful Spring day."
16 "Fine rather colder wind. A. to Church at 8. About 10. had darling cable from E. "Anemone". Such a help to the day."
17 "Lovely day. Want E. to have the lovely Spring feeling. Papers from Toronto & letter, ducksie, from Buffalo - well D.G. but hating it all so much."
18 Elgar conducted Gerontius in Cincinnati Music Hall with Stokowski’s Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
19 "A. out the whole day nearly. Seeing agents & flats in different directions -"
20 "The Nurse left Carice & Sarah returned - two mercies -"
21 The Indianapolis Star reports: "Conducted by Sir Edward Elgar himself, the “Dream of Gerontius” possessed an unusual significance and what would, under other circumstances, have been an important occasion, became a real musical event. From first to last, the oratorio was sung with intelligence, sympathy and skill."
22 "E. at Cincinnati - Sent E. cable asking wh. of 2 flats or Gloucester Place house wd. prefer - Very mis, not hearing & very tired - Out all the morning - had hair washed &c: To tea with the Colvins, pleasant time. In Evening with hostess & Alice to Palace Theatre. Saw the wonderful Russian dances. Did not care for Pavlova, Mordkin splendid - a "row" as they wd. not dance together."
23 "A. to the Carmelites at 10. A. & Mrs. Wedgwood to Albert Hall at 3.30 - Delightful Concert. Landon Ronald conducted splendidly giving the very feeling of E.'s music. May Harrison was marvellous, such poetry & expression - Saw L. Ronald & her afterwards, she seemed so simple & charming. The audience seemed spellbound by the Concerto."
24 "E. at Chicago, the last but one he had to conduct out there -"
25 "A. had cable from E. saying "house” So telephoned to Agents & decided on 75 Gloucester Place. Vesy frightened as it had to be taken for longer than perhaps E. might expect - A. to Agents & over house again - Then farewell to kindest, dear hostess & to Paddington & home 4.45 train"
26 Elgar writes to Carice from Milwaukee: "Glad to hear of Jake [Hereford tramp]& shall be hoping to see him soon – oh! my dearest what would I give to be on the whole final road way – my heart aches – do take all the photos: you can: Here we have been met with flags & business & badges distributen your aged father in large letters – a silk badge! “Guest of the City of Milwaukee.” Goshation!"
27 "Made so happy by cable from E. from Milwaukee, well & enjoying his souse - Such a relief to think of a moment of respite from he has hated so much."
28 "Thinking of E. at distant S. Pauls - the last of the series he had to conduct. Now homewards pray Heaven -"
29 "Trust E. has now started homewards - Pray God keep him -"
30 "A. C. & Clare to Belmont C. taxi. Then on towards Aconbury & into a wood. All so wonderfully fresh & lovely, birds, flowers & wonderful views, so clear. Clare perfectly delighted - C. & Clare to Littey fields later - Longed to know if E. were back & had cable from Cambridge saying day & hour of Concert."


In Berlin letters dating back to 1521 by Martin Luther are sold in auction for more than £5,000.

The Danish colony of Iceland gives the vote to women.

The House of Commons passes a bill to limit power of House of Lords.

Death of Gustav Mahler.

1 "Had cable from E. safe back in N. York D.G - Thinking of E. preparing to start home. D.G."
2 "thinking of E. Going on board in Evening ready to start. joy."
3 "E. starting in Mauretania May God bring him safe & well. E. sent A. a Cable "Sailing""
4 Elgar writes to August Littleton: "I am safe on the ship & have done all the work - save & except Montreal. I am hoping to get to Hereford for a few days before the strenuous London times - & will let you have the score of the March at once."
5 "A. very busy getting things forward - Lovely day. Birds, scents &c. A. & C. walked to the Lugg meadows after tea. Wonderful vistas of cuckoo flower spread over the fields like drapery. No word from E. yet on Voyage -"
6 "No word of E. yet. Lovely day & trust it is for him. Cunard say Monday Fishguard. Liverpool Tuesday"
7 "A. to Church at 8 - No word of E. yet. This week seems to have gone on for so long -"
8 "Our dear Wedding day. A cable from E. from Crookhaven "Anemone" D.G. Then later from Fishguard but trains so impossible, he went on to Liverpool. Many telegrams & wonderings if he wd. be able to come or not."
9 "Lovely day - Sunshine. D.G. Edoo safely home & looking well A. & C. taxi to town & then on to station. A. vesy choky with happy joy. E. delighted to be home. Telling of all experiences & detesting U.S.A. except the nice people. Such a joyful day to have him safe"
10 Elgar writes to Windflower: "It is lovely to be back, & all the world is more lovely than ever - my swallows are here & the garden full of birds & nests & buds & blossoms & the air full of divine scents - after U.S. it is heavenly beyond words."
11 "Copy of Miniature Score of new Symphony - Lovely to see -"
12 "E. writing his March - E. & A. lovely walk in Littey fields - E. rather damped with tiresome, business things not going quite as wished -"
13 Elgar writes to Ivor Atkins: "Yes! I am home & cannot breathe for work. So glad to get yours. I am here only until Sunday afternoon when I must go to town."
14 The Elgars go to their rented flat in London: 75 Gloucester Place, W1.
15 Elgar is invited to the Dan Godfrey celebration dinner at the Criterion restaurant.
16 Elgar writes to Charles Buck: "We are all well & are in town for a few weeks for any engagements."
17 "A. very busy, altering & arranging things -"
18 "E. very busy & started for Cambridge before lunch - Lovely day - Rehearsal & Concert in Evening. Went splendidly & E. returned about 12.30 very pleased -"
19 The first rehearsal of the Second Symphony in the afternoon at Queen's Hall.
20 "Gorgeous rehearsal of E.’s Symphony - Quite overwhelming - Wonderful the way one cd. hear E.'s very soul in many parts - Most most beautiful."
21 "E. raser porsley from the cold - Very cold day - Had fires. A. & C. to Albert Hall Concert."
22 "E. turning to his March. A. & C. to 'Gerontius' Some good - wonderful P.P. of Chorus. Tempi trying. Much enthusiasm"
23 "Warm lovely day. E. hard at work at his March. Mr. Speyer, Mr. & Mrs. Kilburn & Maude Warrender to lunch. Very nice time - Then to Concert. a remarkable Concert very full. E. & A. sat together. Splendid performance of Concerto grt. enthusiasm. Casals magnificent cellist."
24 "Rehearsal in A.M. - Then 1st performance of wonderful Symphony. Very good performance but dull indiscriminating audience. Nice Evening after"
25 "Concert in afternoon - E. & A. lunched with Prof. Terry"
26 "Pippa & Miss Thomas to lunch. C. with Miss P. to Academy. Miss Paget, Mrs. P. & daughter, Miss Burley Miss Colman & Miss Willis &c to tea - C. with Miss Colman to Q.’s Hall for Bach B. Minor Mass -"
27 "A. & C. to hear Bach's S. Matthew Passion - Not impressively given. Ivor to lunch - he & C. returned to Q.’s Hall."
28 "E. rehearsed with L.S.O. Mr. Reed & Borsdorf to lunch. They seemed so happy."
29 "E. & A. to Queen's Hall. Kreisler played Concerto Nikisch conducted most splendidly"
30 "E. still working hard at his March."
31 "Violent thunderstorm, E. & A. to "Fanny's first Play”. Both hated it, & came home instead of going to reception after it to meet Author."


In Mexico, an earthquake and volcanic eruption kills 1,300.

The first performance of Igor Stravinsky's Petrushka.

Death of Norwegian composer Johann Svendsen.

Birth of Argentinia racing driver Juan Manuel Fangio.

1 "E. & A. to lunch with Lady Lewis - Pleasant. Prodigy boy there afterwards, played piano - rather sad to see - A. joined C. at Q.'s Hall Huddersfield Choir Concert but left as Tovey was going to play - Frank & Mr. Whittemore to high tea then to Concert. Symphony very wonderful & impressive. Frank, Whittemore, Alice W. Mr. & Mrs. & Miss C. Taft & Colvins & Pippa to supper -"
2 Elgar writes to Frederick Bridge: "Is it possible to use the 12 extra Trumpets in the march? – the whole thing is complete & I have (in the course of the piece) written a bright quick passage – which I intended to be played by the extras: but if they are far away it wd. be risky: the passage is incorporated in the score so that nothing wd. be missing if the Fanfare is not available."
3 "Mr. Dodd came from Brighton day as hot nearly as that on wh. he walked to Birchwood & carried off March to copy parts. E. A. & C. & Jaulnay to Ridgehurst at 5.25 train. Lovely there & kindest of welcomes. Strolled about garden till dinner time -"
4 "Lovely at Ridgehurst. Wood lovely - Very very hot - in aftn. a Dalmation Fröhe came & stayed till after dinner. E. & Mr. Speyer played billiards. E. enjoyed it - to A.’s intense relief -"
5 "Lovely in country - Laurence Binyon came - Very nice - Pleasant talk - Very hot - Wood lovely -"
6 "Lovely day not quite so hot. Alice S. Wortley came in aftn. After dinner motored E. back. A. & C. back by train"
7 Elgar writes to Dorabella: "My dear Child ('m, 'm!) We are just back from the country where we successfully avoided Music, Church, Noise, Heat & other disagreeables & got stung many times instead. Thank you for your infantile prattle which was most inopportune - why remind me of my birthday? (Mistaken wretch!)"
8 "E. to rehearsal at 10. A. & C. later. E. sad at finding Hall wd. not be filled - Concert magnificent musically. E. conducted superbly, Orch. perfect & programme - Symphony wonderful Small audience most enthusiastic."
9 "The Levée. E. looked very booful Mrs. Capper & May here to see him. He brought Major Fitzwilliams in fine uniform back to lunch - E. rather acutely feeling financial disappointments. Most chivalrously refused Fees for L.S.O. Concerts. Busy correcting parts &c. not out in afternoon."
10 "E. to the Hut in the morning. Found it lovely there & cool - Found invitations to the Abbey for Coronation Ceremony Very pleased as it was only due to E -"
11 "Not so hot. E. at the Hut."
12 "E. busy with part correcting &c - Mr. Dodd came with parts - E. returned from Hut by 1 - refreshed by quiet but rather a cold - E. to Nikisch Concert did not stay long. Alice returned with him. E. played his March on organ - very beautiful -"
13 "E. to Rehearsal of Coronation music his March very splendid."
14 Elgar writes to Frederick Bridge: "I am sorry I looked black &, belike, vacant when you asked me to cut the Introduction: I have gladly done it – I only hesitated because, as you know, in amputation, it is easier to remove a limb than a head; however I have scalped it & am making a short score conducting copy for you, to save you the trouble of much turning of pages – for the which you will one day bless me."
15 "E. to rehearsal at 10. Very fine all except Piano Concerto but it was left out in Evening such a mercy for E - rested & dressed & to Concert with E. Very very splendid readings of Coriolan & Brandenburg & Symphony much enthusiasm."
16 Lord Knollys writes to Elgar: "I am commanded by the King to express his hope that it may be agreeable to you to accept the Order of Merit which he wishes to confer upon you, on the occasion of the Coronation, for your distinguished services connected with music."
17 "E. was up looking at letters. He suddenly looked up & said "It is the O.M.” What a thrill of joy - A. cd. see the pleasure in his face - The thing he wished for so much - D.G. for such happy moments - Such a dear day followed. E.'s first idea was to give a present to each servant & joy was general - He wrote a beautiful letter of acceptance. He was in in the A.M. A. & C. shopping after lunch E. to see fancy dresses A. & C. to Albert Hall to hear C. Butt sing The King's Way splendid It was another thrill to hear it. Then to Church House Coronation Rehearsal but did not go in crowd &c -"
18 Alice writes to Pollie Grafton: "The O.M. is one of the greatest of honours & a splendid acknowledgement of Edward’s work. There are only 24 members, 12 Military & 12 Civil. So it is so very especially gratifying. The list is I believe to appear on Tuesday till then, it should not be mentioned but we knew that you would like to know about it. Yesterday Clara Butt sang “The King’s Way” in the Albert Hall. I must say it gave one a thrill to hear it."
19 "E. to Westminster Abbey Rehearsal - Rehearsed the March himself - Pleased with it."
20 "E. A. & C. to Rehearsal at Westminster Abbey there before 10. Most delightful time. After music rehearsal, E.'s Offertorium & March, most beautiful, we went into the Nave & sat in front seats & saw rehearsal of procession, peers in robes &c - Some of them & Mary Trefusis saw E. & called out their Congratulations, very nice. We all three really enjoyed it It is a happy moment to look back on -"
21 "A. to Auxiliary Stores & chose dress. A. to Gorringe & bought veil & feather in case of going to Westminster Abbey. Felt it was impossible for E. &. A. to sit 7 hrs. in those seats -"
22 "Coronation - Cloudy but not raining a shower or so during the day - A. very tired & dreadfully disappointed, in bed till afternoon - E. not out muss -"
23 Elgar write to Ivor Atkins: "Now we are in the thick of coronation things & a free fight is on as I refused to go to the Abbey - I loathe a crowd even to crown a King."
24 "E. heard his sister Dot was suffering again & his advice was wanted - He went down to Stroud & found her so cheerful & brave & overjoyed to see him. operation decided on - E. stayed at The Hut -"
25 E"E. had merry party at The Hut. Paderewskis, Alice S. W. Mrs. Leslie Lady Charlie - &c Returned by late train. Cold chilly day -"
26 Colonel Dawson writes to Elgar: "The King will hold an Investiture at St. James’s Palace of Thursday the 6th July next at 11.30 a.m. and I am to inform you thereof, and to desire your attendance accordingly, in order that His Majesty may invest you with the Insignia of the Order of Merit."
27 "E. to Novellos - Depressed to find no cheering news there - A. fetched her dress - However consented to go to Buckingham Palace Garden Party - Lovely sunny aftn. E. & A. were rowed over the Lake by the Watermen in red. Party a lovely sight, saw Lady Constance & Mrs. Crawshay & Lord Northampton & Mildred Allsopp & Arkwrights &c & strange Eastern people. Stayed till quite late - All beautifully arranged -"
28 "E. with drefful headache lying down all day -"
29 "E. had answers from Mr. Littleton & the firm as he had written to put an end in a year to agreement. All very sad & worrying. A. & C. went on first to St. Paul’s & were fortunate taking very good places. E. soon followed & sat in Choir with Sir H. Parry robed in Cambridge Mus.D. robe over his Levée dress - Saw the Procession very well. Loved the Fanfare of trumpets. E.'s March sounded splendid & he looked most booful conducting. Then all 3 to lunch with Martins - large party very pleasant. Met the nice Alcocks - After return A. & C. paid calls -"
30 "E. A. & C. to Academy to look at Mr. Strang's portraits as ? Fortescue had written to tell E. Strang was to draw him for the Windsor Library - Not very much impressed & Academy Collection too dreadful."


Birth of the French statesman Georges Pompidou.

Anthony Wilding beats Herbert Barret 6-4, 4-6, 2-6, 6-2 in the Wimbledon men's final.

The iInvestiture of the Prince of Wales in Caernarvon Castle.

THer British House of Commons ia adjourned following riots over Lords' attempt to maintain its power of veto.

1 "E. to Covent Garden in aftn. to see Russian Dancers. Quite delighted. E. & A. to Covent Garden in evening to see La Bohème - nice box given him. Alice S. W. joined us & drove us back - Sad piece Melba terribly unlike her part."
2 Hubert Leicester writes to Elgar: "This is to convey our hearty congratulations on you recent honors, which are so well deserved & we are grateful to the King for being mindful, amidst all his business of the coronation, of your claims upon the nation."
3 Elgar writes to Ivor Atkins: "I have been laid up since I saw you at St. Paul's (liver) better now ... I hope to get down to Worcester for a day this week-perhaps."
4 Elgar writes to Sir Frederick Bridge: "Very many thanks for so kindly arranging the words to the Offertory: I have been very busy & have had no time to look at it. I hope in a day or two to be free for pleasanter things (if this would be) than I am worrying about now."
5 Alice writes to Troyte Griffith: "I know you are really interested & you are the first who told us of the beautiful house, so E. & I want you to know that at last, we have really decided on Kelston – & hope in a few weeks the matter will be all settled – "
6 A single word in the diary: "Investiture"
7 "E. to have his portrait finished - Returned not at all pleased with it - He let A. & C. go & see it, they took rather a more favourable view & were very glad to see it -"
8 "Frightfully hot - E. & A. felt very prostrated. To Ridgehurst with C. at 5.25. A. met Miss Wild & Mr. Cobden-Sanderson at S. Pancras - most weird old gentleman, & in weird clothes."
9 "E. A. & C. at Ridgehurst Lovely day, cooler & country & garden lovely - Oppenheimers to lunch also Percy Grainger & his mother -"
10 "A. & C. left Ridgehurst about 10-40 - lovely morning. Found E. all safe & well D.G. & in good spirits. He & C. to Epping Forest by tram - Then Dr. & Mrs. Holmes came & motored E. & A. to Kelston & saw the house & admired it very much."
11 Elgar writes to Troyte Griffith: "I wish you wd. write to the Worcester paper & say a little what the order of M really is! Some of the locals think it is a sort of degradation & quite unworthy of me. I see in the festival I list they have put it after Mus.D. etc. At the investiture Sir A. Trevelyan & I were marshalled next G.C.B. & before G.C.M.G. (which is Ld. Beauchamp's highest distinction!) & of course before G.G.S.I. etc. It was very nice."
12 ". to Novello &c -"
13 "E. drefful headache - Better by 1 - & Lady Charlie fetched him for Matinée at Covent Garden - Russian Dancers -"
14 John Fortescue writes to Elgar: "I have it in command of the King to inform you that His Majesty accepts with much appreciation your gift of the manuscript full score of the Offertorium composed by you for the Coronation, & to return you his thanks for the same – I shall place the M.S. in the show-case which you saw on your visit to the Library; &, if you think Mendelssohn bad company, you will, I know, comfort yourself with the thought that Mozart is there as well as Mendelssohn."
15 "E. & A. at Kelston seeing Mr. Howard about electric light. "
16 "E. to Wimbledon. Alice [Stuart Wortley] drove him there. E. spent the Evening with Miss Schuster."
17 Elgar writes to Adela Schuster: "I wish you could see Severn House! we have been up to-day & it gets lovelier (and more expensive) every time."
18 "Kelston. Richard met us there -"
19 "Shopped & packed -"
20 "Very busy clearing up at Gloucester Place - Very eventful time there - some crowded hours of life. Some very beautiful & happy D.G. & pray decisions (house) may be happy & the wisest & may be successful."
21 "Finished at Gloucester Place - C. to Miss Paget via Langham with A. All 3 tea there - E. & A. spent Evening on roof garden - very nice - Very very hot."
22 E. & A. at Langham. A. to Paddingn 4.45 & so home - Very sad to leave E. all by his souse. Found all well at Plas Gwyn wh. was a relief."
23 "E. in London. Lunched with Wortleys -"
24 "E. went to the Hut - Very very hot."
25 "E. at Hut."
26 "E. home 7.30 train - E. looked well & peased to be home -"
27 "Very hot - E. looking well & busy looking through things!"
28 "Excessively hot - 86 in shaded balcony - Ivor Atkins came in A.M. & had long day's work with E. writing preface to their Edition of the Bach S. Matthew Passion. Very interesting, they made A. read it out & make criticisms. Ivor left last train -"
29 "Very hot - 86 in shaded E. & A.'s bedroom in aftn. Thunderstorm later but not much rain - cooler - E. walked into town after tea -"
30 Alice writes to Windflower: "It is very quiet here, a car is more wanted then ever, in this lovely weather - we have not emerged from the garden, at least I have not once, & E. very little."
31 "Walking out after dinner."


The hottest day in the London for 70 years - 97 degrees in the shade.

Two striking railwaw workers are killed by troops in Liverpool.

Rumour spreads throughout Britain that France and Germany have declared war.

The Director of the Louvre is sacked following theft of the Mona Lisa.

1 "E. & C. walked down by river & saw sunflower by bank -"
2 "Walking more or less & seeing lamps lit -"
3 "C. rode bicycle for first time since Feb"
4 "E. long walk by his souse."
5 "Troyte came -"
6 Faser & Troyte long walk -
7 "Troyte sketching A. & C. to tea with Mrs. Capper in town."
8 "Troyte left corridor Connelly taxi - E. meant to go [to the Hut] but found it too hot. Ordered taxi for 2.5 train but sent it away again. Busy with his dear swallows -"
9 "E. left for Hut at 6.20 - Not in good spirits. A. busy clearing up."
10 "Very very hot - generally 80 in most parts all these days."
11 "E. at Hut. Very very hot - Not beyond garden - Peased Silver Coronation Medal came for E -"
12 "Very very hot - rather overpowering to A - E. had nice motoring to near Oxford -"
13 "E. at The Hut - Very hot. Sleeping with both doors wide open besides windows -"
14 "Carice’s 21st birthday - D.G. Well again I hope & grown very helpful & wise & very charming. A very fine lofty character - strong feeling of duty - & full of bright spirits - Sorry not enough scope for those always -"
15 "A. & C. Church - Met E. in afternoon. Went down by river later -"
16 "E. & C. to the heather field - Railway strike spreading."
17 "Pollie & May [Grafton] came - Down by river in Evening. So glad to see May again."
18 "Had car & drove Hampton Bishop &c Pollie loved it so much -"
19 "May & her Mother stayed on account of strike - Meeting in streets & speeches in afternoon."
20 "All to Belmont -"
21 "Strike over - May & her Mother left -"
22 "A. to Organ Recital. E. & C. for walk -"
23 "Mr. Hull came & went for walk by river with E."
24 "E. to Penrith for Lakes. A. to Worcester to see Castle House - Satisfactory visit."
25 "E. to Ullswater - Did not seem to be enjoying it vesy muss."
26 "E. to Grasmere"
27 "A. lunched with Gortons. E. at Grasmere."
28 "Had telegram from E. saying I cd. join him at the Lakes - Carice ready to start for [Scotland] - Decided & was ready in about 3/4 hour. C. got out at Oxenholme - A. on to Windermere, joy to meet E. there - He had a return carriage & we drove to Grasmere getting out a little way from it & walking - Nice Hotel & sweet little bedrooms over a shop for E. & A. Dined at Hotel."
29 "E. & A. for lovely walk Saw Church & to Drysdale Tarn, too windy to stay up by it. some showers - All lovely & E. & A. so happy -"
30 "E. & A. for most lovely walk saw Church again - & then walked all round the Lake - Exquisite day & all beautiful - Both loved it. Then about 3.30 started for Keswick - Fine drive."
31 "Started in a Charabanc about 10. So glad to leave Keswick -"


In Britai, the Trades Union Congress condemns the use of troops in recent strikes.

Martial law is proclaimed in Valencia as a general strike breaks out.

Birth of William Golding, author Lord of the Flies.

Following riots about the increasing cost of living, Vienna is under martial law.

1 "E. & A. & Safferys for lovely steam round the Lake - Lovely day & all beautiful. Afterwards for walk with Safferys towards 'Grisedale Tarn' on the side of Helvellyn - Perfectly beautiful & lovely weather."
2 "With great regret E. & A. started for Penrith on way home ..."
3 Elgar writes to Carice, away in Scotland: "Here is you chiserable meque. Zu must put your name (like as unto zu propose to sign cheques) on the back & send it to Glyn & Co 67 Lombard St E.C. with the enclosed slip –"
4 "John Bethell came - Butler & to wait on E -"
5 "C. from Mrs. Gandy to Kilburns."
6 "E. to London by his souse for [Worcester Festival] rehearsals."
7 Elgar writes to Windflower: "I came up yesterday for rehearsal & am now, this moment, commencing the Symphy, the Concerto & the Coronation March - it sounds hot doesn’t it - & I am so lonely - no one in London"
8 "Very busy preparing for Start. E. & Prof. Terry came in Evening from London. Quite happy in packed up house."
9 "C. down with Kilburns to Worcester arriving in P.M. Great start for Worcester about 10.30 - Connolly Omnibus motor - E. A. & Professor Terry - Clara, Sarah, Edith & John - Piles of luggage - Rather gray but lovely drive. Found May. Found all getting on well After lunch A. went out shopping - Some to rehearsal &c - Pippa came, All began happily - lovely rehearsal of glorious Symphony late - joy to hear -"
10 "Nice day - hot & fine - E. down to river & reeds where the wind sang to him amongst them - All household & Pippa & Terry to Opening Service -"
11 "Finishing housemakings &c - All more or less to rehearsals A. having a ridiculous hunt for prosaic saucepans - To rehearsal in Evening. Lovely to hear E's things - rest rather dull -"
12 "Lovely day - A. heard E's arrangemt 'God Save the King' from Cloister very fine -"
13 "All to the Cathedral - After lunch E. & A. & Prof. Terry to College Hall rehearsal for Princess Henry of Chorales on Brass there - Most beautiful effect -"
14 "Lovely morning. Wonderful sight & sound of Bach Chorales on Tower All went outside in Close. the sky bright blue, brilliant sun, gleaming on the brass instruments - like a Fra Angelico pixture - All poetic & elevating & touching - Just what E. wd. arrange for Ivor - Then the S. Matthew Passion Music, sopranos trying - then just after lunch repetition of Chorales & lovely scene - Then the wonderful Concert in Evening - The Cadenza was like nothing earthly - the wonderful sounds floating in the beautiful space - immense impression Audience scarcely seemed to breathe -"
15 "Worcester - Beginning to break up. Mrs. Saffery & May King left - A. & L. Macarthur to see Commandery - Nice time - The others to hear the Messiah -"
16 "All departing from Worcester, very sad week was over -"
17 "E. porsley, in bed in morning."
18 "E. in bed in morning."
19 "E. still porsley. In bed part of morning."
20 "E. still porsley & not down to breakfast."
21 "E. busy in Ark - a little better -"
22 "Very trying worrying news from Arnould -" [about the purchase of Severn House]
23 A. in London - To Queen's Hall at 9.30. Then to C. Arnould who took me to hear Cootes' opinion adverse to ending Trust."
24 "E. still porsley - Dr. Butler came to see E -"
25 "Dr. Butler came & applied removal to A.'s lump on temple -"
26 "Dr. B. syringed E.'s pussy ears."
27 "E. not vesy well. he & C. into town late - Business dragging on -"
28 "E. to Langham - 9.57 - taxi. Went to house - &c - A. worried, waiting for Surveyor's report -"
29 "A. having news of weary business delays - very upset about it - telephoning Willie &c - E. at house & choosing electric fittings."
30 "Dear kind wire from Profr Terry delighted to be Trustee if needed -"


Death of Dr. Joseph Bell, reputed to be the model for Sherlock Holmes.

Suffragette Ida Peploe announces that English women plan to form an army.

An earthquake in southern California kills 700.

1 "A. rested. Faser busy with proofs. Dr. Sinclair, Mr. Hull. Dr. Allen to tea -"
2 "E. & A. for a walk -"
3 "Walk in afternoon."
4 Elgar writes to Ivor Atkins: "I hope you are now thoroughly rested & happy in the retrospect - it was good at Worcester, but since the Exodus - on ass & horse - I had an awful chill, since when troubles innumerable."
5 May Harrison writes to Elgar: "Thank you so much for your letter. It is indeed good of you to play through your Concerto with me, & I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it. I do love it so, it is so truly beautiful, & I have been so wanting to meet you for such ages. It is so kind of Mrs. Stuart Wortley to arrange it, & we have settled that I should be at her house on Sunday at 4 o’clock. I think she has already written to tell you."
6 Walford Davies writes to Elgar: "My dear Elgar, It was a real pleasure to see your writing and to feel in touch. I was only sorry to hear of chills and of trouble. I hope you are well again ... Welcome to Hampstead with all my heart. How the thought of a big progressive musical policy and more Symphonies would have warmed the heart of dear Jäger, had he been here to receive you."
7 "E. to London - corridor."
8 "E in London - Langham."
9 "E. at Langham - not well."
10 "E. telegraphed for A. to. come up - A. fled up. did not find E vesy well -"
11 "E. still porsley - A vesy troubled about him."
12 "E. vesy porsley - drefful giddy & sick - Dr. Abbot Anderson came - E. vesy badsley. Had Valet to help - then fell into long doze. Dr. A. Anderson again in Evening -"
13 Elgar writes to Carice: "Dear Miss Elgar: I directed the envelope for your dear father: your dear father is better but still is a howling goat with a piste face & general mewkin look. Gosh! he’s just like that bird scaring object in a burst p’leeceman’s jacket on the allotments."
14 "E. muss better. Dr. Anderson came & said he might. Muss to do - Richard came. E. still weak - Packed telegraphed Started by 2 - All went well & lovely crossing. No dinner places between Boulogne & Paris had for E. Cook's man met us Paris & dashed us into taxi & to Gare de Lyon, caught train & sleeping car all right -"
15 "Elgar writes from Turin to Windflower: "Arrived all safely: met by deputation (secy) & conducted in state to this shelter - rehearsal tonight at nine o’c - I have the talisman safe & feel quite well & Alice is well also. Very bright & sunny & I think the orchestra is going to be good - it is very large."
16 Alice writes to Carice: "Have a few minutes while waiting for a Revd. Priest who is going to make notes for Concert wh. I am to tell him – We are in charge of a Signor Capra who asked who is this Mr. Caractacus! So I must provide a thumb sketch –"
17 Rehearsal in Turin
18 Concert with Toscanini's orchestra in Turin.
19 Rehearsal in Turin.
20 A second concert in Turin.
21 En route to London.
22 Back in London.
23 Elgar's first concert at Principal Conductor of the LSO.
24 "E. & John Cousins early to Norwich for rehearsal -"
25 Opening day of Norwich Festival.
26 Elgar writes to Windflower: "Hopeless weather! the party is on & I cannot get out."
27 Elgar conducts The Kingdom at Norwich.
28 Thje final day of the Norwich Festival.
29 Margaret Wickham writes to Alice: "Please do not think it rude or impertinent of me but I do want to tell you how glorious we thought “the Kingdom”. I wanted to love it, but I love it more than I ever expected to the first time – nearly as much already as “Gerontius”."
30 "E. & A. left Carrow Abbey"
31 "E. better D.G. Dr. Anderson came to see him - A. to see Flat - & arrange - E. & A. to Flat. E. quite pleased & we soon settled down - A. went to Restaurant next day or so & arranged to have some food fetched."


In Libya, Italy carries out the world's first aerial bombing.

Madame Curie wins the Nobel prize.

Arthur Balfour resigns as leader of the Conservative and Unionist party.

1 E. better - Not so vesy well yet -
2 "A to see ???"
3 The GPO writes to Elgar: "In reply to your letter of the 1st instant, I am directed by the Postmaster General to inform you that “Meleager, London” is not available for registration as your telegraphic address, as it is already in use. The address “Gerontius, London” is, however, available and, if considered suitable, will be registered for you on your forwarding to the Comptroller and Accountant General of the Post Office the usual fee of one guinea, together with the enclosed form filled in and signed."
4 "Muriel Goetz motored us to Hampstead. Chose Kalume for dining room - Lunched at Jack Straw' s Castle - "
5 Alice writes to Troyte Griffith from Hyde Park Mansions: "Edward has been very unwell but I am thankful to say is very much better & I do trust will keep well now – The Ranee has most kindly lent us her little flat, & E. & I are here."
6 Elgar conducts a London Symphony Orchestra concert. Donald Tovey is the soloist in Brahms' Second Piano Concerto.
7 An ordinary day!
8 "E. & A. wandered around & looked at Crystal electric light fittings - Brompton Road &c -"
9 "E conducted for L. Ronald. A sat with Alice - Most brilliant concert - All went gorgeously Variations were magnificent & so well played -"
10 "A. & C. to Brompton Road & brought Crystal light for dining room -"
11 "E. to Novello, met A. at Peter Robinson's & gave her most dear ducksie furs -"
12 Elgar conducts Tchaikovsky's Pathetique symphony at the Albert Hall.
13 Elgar writes to Ernest Newman: "I have been moving about & all my own music is packed for moving."
14 Elgar writes again to Newman: "I have been away from Hereford for nearly six weeks & the house has been practically closed ... & we are still wanderers for our own house in Hampstead is not available yet."
15 Nothing special!
16 Elgar writes to Ivor Atkins: "The L.S.O. is in fine form. I am wofully busy. Love to you & I hope that Mrs. Atkins & the boy are well."
17 "A. to see Mr. Arnould - Very upset over house business. He dwelt on so many points - Hopes were held out that we might have the house in ten days or so -"
18 The Hereford Journal says: "One of these days when Hereford follows the example of other towns with histories, we shall place a tablet on Plas Gwyn inscribed “Here lived Sir Edward Elgar”, and the England of another generation will be called upon to unveil it with appropriate panegyric and a luncheon at the Town Hall. "
19 Elgar conducts a London Symphony Orchestra rehearsal.
20 Elgar conducts a London Symphony Orchestra concert which includes the Schumann Cello Concerto with Casals.
21 "A. to Plas Gwyn by corridor. Horrid to leave E. & E. felt it so muss - We had had such an intime loves loveslovy time - E. to Manchester later - A. found C. all well D.G. It seemed very cold & dreary at Plas Gwyn."
22 Elgar rehearses The Halle Orchestra in Manchester.
23 "E. at Manchester. Rehearsal & Concert -"
24 "E. returned to London. Went to Frank - Very successful Concert D.G."
25 "Busy doing things & ready for packing &c -"
26 "E. at Wimbledon -"
27 "A. thinking much of interview W. A. Raikes was to have with Vendor’s solicitors - Longing to be with E."
28 "E. returned to Old Qn. St. - A. & C. very busy tying on labels on furniture - &c &c."
29 "Trying letter forwarded by Mr. Mercer with impossible conditions from Vendor's Trustee."
30 Elgar writes to Novello about concert fees.


In Libya Italian Forces defeat the Turks at Tripoli.

Richard Strauss's Salome has its first U.K. performance.

King George V is crowned Emperor of India and founds New Delhi, to replace Calcutta as Indian capital.

Geoffrey de Havilland pilots the Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.1. on its first flight at Farnborough.

1 Elgar rehearses with the LSO.
2 Elgar conducts the second symphony in Liverpool with the Halle.
3 Elgar rehearses with the LSO.
4 Elgar conducts an LSO concert at Queen's Hall.
5 Elgar writes to Carice: "No news about the house but there’s a meeting of rogues thieves & liars at twelve o’c today & we shall see."
6 E conducts The Kingdom at Oxford.
7 Elgar writes to John West: "I have left Hereford (and am at present a wanderer) I fear I must not be on the Festival Committee but if I have any opportunity I will do what I can to further your wishes & hope yr. work may be done."
8 The first American performance of the Violin Concerto, with Albert Spalding and the Theodore Thomas Orchestra, conductor Frederick Stock.
9 The Worcester Herald reports: "Sir Edward Elgar has taken a house in Netherall Gardens, Hampstead, having been advised by his physician to live as high above the level of the Thames as is compatible with his engagements."
10 Awaiting completion of purchase of Severn House.
11 Awaiting completion of purchase of Severn House.
12 Elgar writes to Windflower: "We had a satisfactory interview about the house - i.e. more or less & our fate trembles in the balance today but there is a great chance of the thing being settled very soon. In the meantime all music, pictures & books are quite unenjoyable & we are dreadfully lonely. Alice is at Q. Anne's Mansions zur Zeit do send her a cheery line & me too."
13 Julia Worthington writes to Elgar: "On Sunday Walter Damrosch plays II Symphony. I am going! Much love to you from your Pippa"
14 Elgar writes to Ivor Atkins: "I was overjoyed to get your letter. I am not very well & my rambles about the earth are only moderately satisfactory. I should have written long ago but have been waiting day to day to be able to tell you we are 'in' - but we are not 'in' yet owing to all sorts of things."
15 Awaiting completion of purchase of Severn House.
16 Awaiting completion of purchase of Severn House.
17 Awaiting completion of purchase of Severn House.
18 Elgar writes to Carice: "I cannot tell you of the confusion about the house - & all must be decided tomorrow – I fear there is little chance of our ‘completing’ this week. I am harassed to death about it."
19 Awaiting completion of purchase of Severn House.
20 Elgar dines with Lord Beresford.
21 Awaiting completion of purchase of Severn House.
22 Completion of purchase of Severn House!
23 The Elgars go to Brighton for Christmas.
24 Alice writes to the Kilburns: "We must send you a line to bring our very affectionate & heartfelt wishes for every blessing & happiness for you & yours for this & many, many happy Seasons to come –"
25 Alice writes to Troyte Griffith: "Just a line to tell you we hope to be in Severn House very soon now – the furniture is to begin to go in on Wednesday – It will be rather chaotic for a time – I am thankful to say Edward seems & looks much better. This is a beautiful house full of the most beautiful things Lady Charlie has kindly lent us facing the Sea, the sun has been pouring in all day after deluges & gale – I am spending the day in bed trying to get rid of a haunting cold."
26 At Brighton.
27 At Brighton.
28 At Brighton.
29 At Brighton.
30 Lady Beresford writes to Elgar: "Write at once & tell me how you are & if you have set the house on fire. (or not)"
31 At Brighton.

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