Elgar portrait -
from a painting belonging to Arthur Reynolds

an Elgar Timeline
- - -
Events of 100 Years Ago



In New York, Caruso sings in the first radio broadcast from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.

British miners strike for an eight hour. day.

Halley's comet is observed from Costs observatory, Paisley.

In Australia, floods sweep across northern New South Wales.

1 "E. & A. at private View Burlington House. Very fine pixtures. Met Sydney Colvins there - In evening E. & A. to "Importance of being Earnest". Laughed much."
2 "A. to see Flats then to Booseys nice visit. A. Boosey liked words much - Then with E. to seek his suit case. �Landed� at Drews - Chose nice one. Then E. to lunch with A. Boosey & met again at Drew's -"
3 "To 'Blue Bird' in Evening. Beautiful idea & book but made much too material."
4 "E. & A. to Gamage. A. bought Onoto Pen - Then home corridor 2 Connolly Cabs - E. had settled to have 3 Songs ready for Jaeger Memorial Concert. Songs from new Cycle. G. Parker's words."
5 "E. very busy orchestrating Songs."
6 "A. took C. to Tibberton Court - Connolly Car. Very nice visit there revival of old times & dear old places."
7 Elgar writes to Ivor Atkins: "I received a cable from Henry Sanford yesterday evening saying that our dear friend died at four o�clock yesterday morning: it is very, very sad & comes as a shock altho� we have expected it for a long time. I am home for a few days & wildly busy & not well."
8 The Hereford Times reports: "On Saturday evening, Mr. J. S. Arkwright, M.P., addressed a crowded and enthusiastic gathering of his supporters at Clyde House School, Edgar-street, Hereford (which has been, by request, placed at the disposal of both parties during the election). Mr. William Taylor occupied the chair, and others on the platform included Sir Edward Elgar, Mr. J. S. Arkwright, M.P., Mr. H. C. Beddoe, Mr. A. Johnson, Mr. John Stokes (Worcester) and Mr. C. Harvey. Mr. Arkwright, M.P., was received with cheers and the singing of �For he�s a jolly good fellow� and cries of �Arkwright for ever�."
9 Gilbert Parker writes to Elgar: "I am delighted to have your letter, & to know that you are getting on well with the cycle � I look forward to hearing it �"
10 "E. thinking of going to London but gave it up, Very busy with his musics - Not out all day. A. & C. into town - Gale of wind -"
11 "E. changed his mind & did not go to London - E. very busy with Concerto & Bassoon piece - Expecting proof of 'Twilight'."
12 "E. worked at his Concerto all the A.M. Saw advertisement of 'The Kingsway', in Telegraph for 1st time - C. Butt to sing it on 15th at the Alexandra Palace - Very excited bofe of us to see it. A. well macked with the newspaper -"
13 E. at Langham - L. Ronald to lunch. Scheme of Banquet propounded E. Pleasant interview with C. Butt over Song. E. at Novellos too - All pleasant - E. arranged to stay & conduct at the Memorial Concert."
14 Gilbert Parker telegraphs Alice: "Permit my warmest congratulations on your beautiful verses the Kings Way"
15 "E. very busy in London, going through Symphony with Safonoff & seeing many people & correcting proofs of his Songs &c - First day of Elections - Pray Heaven for Conservative success."
16 Hans Richter writes to Elgar: "I am very happy that you come to the Jaeger-Concert, it would be uncomplete without you. I hope and everybody expects that you will conduct the 'Variations'. You must not disappoint the Public who are anxious to show you their respectful Sympathy towards the Composer of so many masterpieces. Please do it, not only for the sake of the audience but - chiefly! - in memoriam of your dead friend who loved and adored you with all his noble heart."
17 "Thought E. might come down & vote but too cold &c. A. & C into town & Connelly cab back from Station. Town very excited over Election - Rejoiced at Arkwright good majority."
18 "E. in London - Very very busy proofs of parts to correct of Songs for 24th Jany. General rejoicing over Election -"
19 "Much excited over Elections."
20 "Good accounts of E. Sd. A. was to go up on Saturday. E. tried 1st time Andante with Lady Speyer booful Concerto for Violin & Orch."
21 "Sunny & frosty. A. & C. for walk. Rejoiced over Sir J. Rankin's fine majority. Preparing to join E. A. hopes."
22 Elgar writes to Carice: "I expect the �brat� this afternoon � it�s bitter cold & I hope she will not mind it. If you want any money let me hear at Queen Anne�s Mans: I don�t know when I shall get home. Lady Speyer has a supper party after the concert & (quite a secret) we propose to administer to the company an Andante the Andante � it does sound well."
23 Lord Knollys writes to Elgar: "I am commanded by the King to let you know that he & the Queen were highly gratified by the Anthem which was sung yesterday at the Memorial Service. Their Majesties understand that it was specially composed by you for the occasion � they admired it very much & thought it was also most appropriate for such a Service, & they desire me to thank you for the trouble which you were good enough to take in the matter."
24 "E. & A. to Queen's Hall for Jaeger Memorial Concert. E. & A. sat just behind Frank & Claude. Wonderful Concert, very large audience. Richter conducted splendid performance of Vars. He turned to the Orch. spreading out his arms as if to draw every sound & made the Nimrod gorgeous. Songs went well. the 1st not quite the reading. great ovation & repetition of No.2 Saw Mrs. Jaeger & children, very touching. Then to supper at Speyers. E. played his Andante Vio Concert with Lady Speyer - & all loved it much, it was repeated - Very nice time."
25 Leonora Speyer writes to Elgar: "It was not a case of dementia Straddiana last night please let me keep or when the violin concerto is finished let me just keep it, of course I admire it so, and am proud that you have shown it first to me. No-one is to know about it"
26 "E. took A. to see Athenaeum. Very fine & dignified. A. much impressed with it. Then to London Liby. & waited for E. then to lunch at his new Club. British Empire Club. E. & A. to dine with Landon Ronalds - Pleasant Evening. Distressing ugliness of house - but nice sympathetic man - & devoted to E."
27 "E. working & to Meeting, Brit. Empire Pageant. A. to lunch with Margaret & then with her to Queen's Hall Concert. L. Ronald. E. there too. Fine conducting Margaret drove me back. E. & A. to Beethoven. E. much touched & wept. Tree very wonderful in the part."
28 Alice writes to Carice: "A flying line, the Flat idea is on! So I have been getting orders to view but it poured so had to put off viewing I shall try & get Richard to come with me � I am to meet Faser at 4 at Lady Speyer�s she is going to play the Andante & Lady M. sing his 2d. songs with the new Violin Obligato. He & Mr. Schuster are dining out. He was well yesterday & in good spirits Gott sei Dank �"
29 Alice writes to Carice: "Please send Faser his clean collars, especially �Lord Dudley� evening one, they had better come by letter post, unless the washing comes in time to send them all & hanshies by parcel post. I forgot tomorrow is Sunday zu cd. bring them & zu cd. post or bring the one new grey short wh. went to the wash."
30 "Westminster Cathedral. E. & A. to lunch with Mrs. Joshua - Dr. Richter & P. Pitt there & a son & daughter & a Miss Lancaster. Pleasant time. Dr. Richter & Percy Pitt & son left soon & E. played the Andante from Vio. Concerto. Mrs. J. wept. & was most devoted & sympathetic. Interesting things shown us - pictures, Sarasate &c - Then to Q. Anne for a few mins. then to Colvins delightful time there. Then to Shakespeare's with pleasant lovely Brabazon pixtures."
31 "A. to see Flats - all the morning & a little shopping. then more flats & called on Lady Sandhurst & tea with Margaret. E. & A. dined with Frank & then with Mrs. Weguelin to Concert. Fine joyous performance of Symphony by Safonoff, tremendous enthusiasm. E. much impressed. Lady C. Frank Claude & Willie & S. Powell & S. Wortleys all there -"


A report says that the United Kingdom could face a serious shortage of horses should war break out.

The Labour Party Conference at Newport demands the abolition of the House of Lords.

Jules Massenet's opera Don Quixote opens in Monte Carlo.

The first performance of Delius' opera A Village Romeo and Juliet is given in London under Thomas Beecham.

1 Sir Walter Parratt writes to Elgar: "... let me thank you for the beautiful anthem for the Mausoleum, which sounded lovely in that place. The King spoke about it and asked me if it was really written for the occasion. He seemed much gratified when I told him Yes."
2 Elgar write to Frances Colvin: "I send you the Cavalcanti pt song which the Sheffield Choir will sing at Queen's Hall, I hope you & Mr Colvin will hear it. With it I send a specimen of my dear friend Pietro d'Alba in his most, or almost most pessimistic mood. To read it one wd. think the carrot crop had failed or some other catastrophe acutely affecting the rabbit world was toward."
3 "E. in London. Dining with Lady Charlie. A. very busy clearing up &c. A. & C. paid calls -"
4 Elgar write to Carice: "Dear Chuck ...I�ve been writing music all the a.m. (poor old a.m. poor old music) & have just walked across to the club. I find no letters, * so I lick a stamp to you only (poetic phrase)"
5 "E. in London - not doing very much he said -"
6 "E. in London. A. pweaked thro� telephone with him. Did want to hear his voice - Seemed well. Was to lunch with Mrs. Joshua & dine with Frank. Lady Speyer was to play his Andante."
7 "E. in London. sd. had pleasant Evening at Old Queen St. A. & C. & Mary James to Malvern - Made Gerhardt recital. as equal as a woman cd. be to Ludwig W�llner lovely sweet sound in soft parts. Large audience. Walked up -"
8 "E. thought of returning but postponed. Busy with proofs &c. A. drefful tired of not seeing him."
9 "E. returning he hopes. E. arrived all safe D.G - Telling A. about rest of time in London & keen over his new musics."
10 "Tiresome publishers' letters, no cheering news. E. much depressed & beautiful music driven away."
11 "E. writing business letters, depressed."
12 "Lady Mabel Beresfd. Peirse & Mr. & Mrs. F. James to tea. Quite a success, E. came in & talked."
13 Herbert Brewer write to Elgar: "At a Committee meeting yesterday it was unanimously decided to do your �Gerontius� & the Symphony at the Festival, & I hope you will again do us the great kindness of conducting your works, I also hope that you will still be able to give us something new, we should greatly appreciate it if you would."
14 "E. rather depressed. Troyte came in Evening."
15 "Troyte left. E going back to his music. & better. at 6.20. to Worcester for Meeting of Glee Club."
16 "E. returned in the morning. Stray cab. Very successful Evening. He made very nice speeches. E. A. & C. Boomerang trying in afternoon. E. recd. invitation for 28th. Marlborough House."
17 "C. swelled face - Dr. Collens - E. trying boomerang -"
18 "Windy & wild. E. & C. trying boomerang. Surprise flight into road. rather alarming - E. wrote Song 'Rustula�"
19 "Frightful gale - rain storms &c. E. tried boomerang after tea - C. better - Dr. Collens came. E. wrote song "Rustula". Dr. Sinclair & Mr. Hull came to dinner. Quite pleasant Evening." of it) &c -"
20 "Very wild gale & rain. A. to Church & hard walk back - E. for walk. Trees blown down & telephone wires tangled & mixed up - E. made Piano arrangement of the Haydn Minuet from Sonata."
21 "Busy helping pack &c. E. to Frank corridor train. Connolly Cab. A. & C. into town - Chose watch for C. Less wild afternoon. E. to Galworthy Justice in Evg. Fear very gloomy."
22 "Windy & stormy - E. at Old Queen St. A. rather a chill. C. to lunch with Dr. Sinclair & to Concert Connolly cab. Dr. Collins. C. well again D.G."
23 "Making preparations for London -"
24 "A. by 9.50. Connolly cab. left luggage at Padn. & went to Queen�s Hall. Met E. there & sat with Frank. Landon Ronald's reading of Symphony very fine. Queen & party there - E. was staying with Frank A. went to Margaret Levett. E. took her there."
25 "A. rather taken aback at Margaret leaving for S. Giles. Drove with her to station."
26 "Had the carriage & hunted for flats. Richard came to lunch & we hunted more - Dined at Old Queen St."
27 "A. went to the Oratory. E. A. & Frank lunched with the L. Ronalds. Mancinelli & Godowski there & a Col. & Mrs. ? who played her hymn tunes! Then to Albert Hall Concert & tea at Mrs. Joshua�s & dined at O. Queen St."
28 "E. & A. to lunch with the Gilbert Parkers, very pleasant. A. to meet Carice at Padn & took her to Miss Paget. E. to dine at Marlborough House & to Concert with Prince of Wales. A. to see N. Cavendish St. Flat & liked it. Margaret returned."


In Spain, the King authorises women to attend university.

Slavery is abolished in China.

Mount Etna erupts, causing widespread destruction.

Henri Fabre make the first flight by a seaplane.

1 Elgar writes to Rosa Burley: "I give no address as I am just moving - whither I know not for one week after this we have taken a flat for a few months: 58 New Cavendish St W"
2 "A. shot home corridor & Jaulnay to prepare Plas Gwyn for Miss Weares & collect things for flat."
3 "A. frightfully busy - arr. with servants & settling Everythg."
4 "A. very busy, Mr. Owen helping - E. with Frank."
5 "A. very hard at work settling Plas Gwyn -"
6 "E. with Frank - motored to Hut. C. with Miss Paget. A. at home - very tired & busy"
7 "A. by 7.45 train to London & Jaulnay. Connolly cab. Arr. at flat. 58 New Cavendish St. very busy unpacking trying to arrange all - Inventory going on - An inefficient Mrs. Gibbs there - C. arrived & helped - Jaulnay most helpful - A & C. to dine at O. Queen St. Alice S. W. there -"
8 "Went out looking for shops - very busy settling. Engaged Beatrice to help for a week. E. arrived about 4 & he & C. went to Mad. Tussaud's. E. A. & C. dined at Mrs. Joshua�s Agnews, Davidsons, &c Frank there -"
9 "Still hard at work. E. & C. to Greenwich. & in the A.M. to Lincoln�s Inn Fields & Soane Museum - A. pd. calls Parkers, &c &c &c E. to Madras House"
10 "A. & C. to see Mrs Foster & Mrs. Howard."
11 Elgar writes to Adela Schuster: "I have no news of anything artistic - such things seem to be dropping out of my small weary life - I am like a sham book in a library, only a name & useless for wit or wisdom - one in a row of useless things & even my binding is shabby!"
12 "E. very bad with chill in bed & in all day - A. by her souse to Madras House. Very interested." in aftn."
13 "E. still in & vesy badly. A. & C. to Farm St. at 12 - A. & C. to call on the Ramsdens. Alice S. Wortley to tea -"
14 "A. & C. to Stores Mrs Foster, Rose & Miss Paget to tea -"
15 "E. somewhat better. Margaret L. to tea - liked the flat very much. Lady Maud telephoned to invite E. to dine & go to Elektra. E. went & enjoyed his Evg. Much impressed with E. but kept on saying The pity of it! the pity of it - going back to murderous horrors"
16 "Lady Winifride Elwes at Home 9.30 p.m. 48, Onslow Gardens, S.W. Music"
17 "Rose to lunch & with C. to the �Blue Bird". stayed to dine with C. E. & A. to the Triple Bill to see the last 2 pieces. Quite delightful. Then E. & A. to dine at Cheyne Walk. Lady Northcliffe Lady Alice Ashley & Claude & Sydney Colvin very nice Evening."
18 "Dr. Smallpeice here nicer than ever. Took E. to see Dr. Simpson, decided to go on for the present. Very stormy, snow & then sun gleams. A. & C. to S. Paul�s. Heard the Allegri Miserere & then to tea with Martins Sir G. brought A. & C. home so dear & kind. E. to dine at Cheyne Walk & with Alice to see the Madras House again, not impressed -"
19 "E. & C. to City & lunched there & walked back, most of the way - A. lunched with Margaret & went with her to the Sicilians 'Purto Basso'. Wonderful acting & interesting. Frank to tea -"
20 Elgar writes to Troyte Griffith: "We are settled in and are leading London lives. I have been chilled & livery with east winds & have done nothing sensible but have been to all the first nights & could talk thereupon: we really don't alter (or improve) much. In all these plays - Barrie Shaw & Barker the two things that produced most laughter were when one man said he was brought up a Baptist (this convulsed the house both times I saw the play): in the other case a man said 'I belong to the Ch. of England' this also produced roars of laughter! Curiously nothing was done or noticed when someone said he was a R. Catholic. Can you make this out? It cannot be explained in a few words but its very curious. I hope we shall see your family and Harrow shall this time be explored - I wish you could come before we leave this flat - the library here is immense. Strong was librarian etc to the House of Lords see Who's Who etc. etc. passim. You really should see the books - they're in all langwidges. The 'pictures' also are interesting & the furniture & cups & saucers nice"
21 "A. called on Agnews, Landon Ronald to tea - Very nice -"
22 "A. & C. & A. to the Stores in morning. A. raser badsley - E.& A. dined with the Arkwrights at the House of Commons - Nice to see Vestibule &c but the House had arisen unexpectedly so cd. not see more - nice Mr. Duke dined with us. Stopped at Old Queen St. on our way back. Rose took C. to S. Paul�s. Bach music"
23 "A. & C. bought Missal. E.'s pesent to A - A. & C. called on Miss Sharpe & then on Blairs. Then to Westminster Cathedral for Tenebrae most beautiful -"
24 "A. raser badly - E. A. & C. to Hertford House early in aftn. A. & C. to Farm St. Church but mistook hour of Tenebrae - H. Blair came in & had tea -"
25 "To Spanish Place. Most beautiful Service. Fine day. Not warm - Tenebrae at Westminster Cathedral most beautiful."
26 "Spanish Place - Mrs. Ramsden to tea & Miss Paget."
27 "Spanish Place - to Ridgehurst at 4.10 - E. & C. walked some way to the house - A Quartet party & Miss Wild. Mr. F. Bridge rather nice."
28 "Music & walks Returned by 6. - - train - Jaulnay at races."
29 "E. & A. shopping. Bought booful bag for his motor tour & shirt case - to a Cinematograph after tea."
30 "Left Padd: 11.50: Jaulnay saw me off, excellent train via Reading, - then (all new to me as far as Exeter (E x out) Taunton) via Newbury, Hungerford, Frome, &c. Saw 2 White Horses on the chalk hills. Plunkett Greene in next Compt. � pleasant talk. He sings at Devonport tonight. Arrd. at Torquay at 3.47. Car (Miss S. & Frank) met me: cold wind but sunshine all day � when sun ceased, the dark, grey, east-windy aspect; shopping in car then to Summer hill. � W. H. Mallock & Ld. Clifford of Chudleigh, Mrs. (niece of F.) & Mr, Karslake (touring in motor) to tea. Afterwards walk with F. & Miss S. � no light � but lovely dusk. Mr. & Mrs. Karslake to dine."
31 "Cold bright E. wind but sunny. F. & I in Car to town � bought calling cards & then long walk to Anstey�s Cove, lunch at 1.30 Lovely coast & colouring Much talk generally - & of routes for tour Car ride in afternoon tea & walk en famille. Mr. E. Norris & Mr. & Mrs. Ames to dine � Norris older than I expected but a good, really gentlemanly man. Mrs. Ames has been ill & shews traces of illness although better."


The House of Commons votes to restrict the vetor powers of the House of Lords.

General Louis Botha is a candidate to be the first prime minister of the Union of South Africa.

Twenty-seven are killed when the French submarine Pluvoise hits a steamship in the English Channel.

Inauguration of the Union of South Africa.

Theodore Roosevelt receives the freedom of the City of London.

1 "E. at Torquay. Happy accounts D.G. A. & C. calls at S. Kensington tea at Lesley Probyns."
2 Elgar write to Windflower: "I am with Frank & his sister & tomorrow F & I commence a motor tour �round� Cornwall - avoiding Tintagel it seems but I am not director or Dictator or Heaven knows what wd. happen to you or to Tintagel."
3 "Weather changed. drizzling rain, & Frank quickly changed plans so as to get better roads for bad weather � at 11. started for Tintagel � via via Tavistock & Launceston. (lunch) extraordinary church at L. outside carvings Snowstorm on crossing the moors - arrd. At Tintagel about 3.30 Sent in wrong names to Wortleys - Frank�s joke."
4 "E. from Tintagel to Penzance - Via Truro & Land�s End. Loved it - C. & Clara to Stores. Mary James (Jary) arrived in afn. A. C. & Jary to see the "Fighting Chance". Rather too much play for a game -"
5 "Left Tintagel, with many audience, at 9-30 drove via Camelford Truro Redruth Camborne to St. Ives � lunch & then a wonderful ride by coast road round to Lands� End �rest & tea � walked out as far as possible & waved to Pippa & Frank also."
6 Elgar sends Carice a postcard: "An afflicten sea. I walked out as far as I could � very striking � the coast not me"
7 "E. from Falmouth to Fowey. Delighted with scenery. A. & C. & Jary to Hertfd. House & stupid Cinematg."
8 "Mr. Littleton to tea. E. at Fowey - All lovely."
9 "Daredevil Dorothy."
10 "Left Exeter at 10 via Ilchester to Wincanton dear little town lunch. Then over Salisbury plain � saw Stonehenge not impressed unimposing � interesting but no �feeling� about it for me. (Frank & I nearly passed it asleep)"
11 "E. returned about 7. all safe D.G. & so radiant & looking so well. Willie Raikes to tea. Dora Penny to dinner. E. & A. to reception for Strauss at the Speyers -"
12 "A. to Concert & heard 'The Torch� badly given, Lena Ashwell to tea. Very pleasant. & Frank -"
13 "Mrs. James Stuart requests the pleasure of the company of Lady Elgar and Miss Elgar at Lunch at the Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly, W., on Wednesday, April 13th, at 1.30. Lunch will be followed by �An Hour of Fairy Story, Legend and Song�"
14 Elgar writes to Adela Schuster: "I know I should have written a 'hospitable-roof-letter' long ago but somehow a formal note of the kind described (in the household) as above, did not seem to fit either you or me: so my polite (& politic maybe) note has remained unwritten among the whirl of the blessed week with Frank & the car. It was most lovely & Frank even more angelic than ever before. I was so happy the whole time that my letter might become an essay 'on the possibilities of earthly bliss': You will have heard about the route we proposed to take, & the route we did take under stress of weather & all that sort of thing but you will not know unless I tell you how good Frank was, & the enormous meals I ate & the betterment for me in the whole plan."
15 "C. & Clare to International Alice S. Wortley later to fetch her. Miss Paget dined with C. & went to Trelawny of the Wells. E. & A. dined with Mrs. Howard - Very dull people there."
16 "A. & C. to Prunella &c. Violent thunderstorm. Mr. Barry to tea -"
17 "E. to lunch with S. Wortleys & to Concert. A. & C. to Brit. Museum & tea with Mrs. S. Colvin."
18 "E. A. & C. along Oxford St. & to Brit. Museum Saw Mr. S. Colvin. A. & C. to call on Landers, dreary expedition, then to tea with Mrs. Saffery, Met Mrs. Terry there. Charming dear people. back by Harrod's to get E. his brown sugar! -"
19 "Mrs. Jaeger, Dr. & Mrs. Blair to tea, Dr. Benney here too instead of in morning, Miss Paget later, E. with Frank to Trelawny of the Wells F. just leaving for The Hut. E. & F. very sad at being parted -"
20 "E. & A. to Queen's Hall Concert. Beethoven Sonatas. Ysa�e & Pugno Remembered how we played them - Pure joy to hear them. Perfect playing. E. A. & C. dined with Dr. & Mrs. Simpson - Very dull not sympathetic people -"
21 "E. lunched with A. & C. at Eustace Miles Restaurant, not enjoyable repast."
22 "C.�s dress again to be altered - long interview Debenham�s A. firm! Claude to tea. Very cold suddenly with cold wind - Very pleasant long visit. E. played Concerto & Symphony no. 2 to him. Deeply impressed."
23 "E. to 1st night of Opera. Saw Higgins. Richter &c."
24 "E. very thrilled with his Concerto & working at it -"
25 Elgar writes to Windflower: "Here are the two stalls for Friday 29th and we have supper here after: also I send the ticket for the seat next ours for Ysaye on Wednesday afternoon - we are quite close to the platform for these concerts - a good place."
26 "E. very. intent writing. A. & C. to Heals pd. for china & saw some nice things. Frank to lunch - enjoyed himself, I think. Then to H. Bird's Concert."
27 "E. to Sir Gilbert Parker's dinner party. Most interesting & delightful The most distinguished company E. looked most booful -"
28 "E. to Orchestrelle to mark his booful tempi. C. lunched with Rose Mr. Hansell to tea -"
29 "E. lunched with S. Wortleys & then to private view at Academy. A. went too but cd. not find him mis -"
30 "E. & C. to Botanical Gardens most dreary place -"


Death of King Edward VIII.

Twenty-seven die in the English Channel when the French submarine Pluvoise hits a steamship.

The Union of South Africa is inaugurated.

Theodore Roosevelt receives the freedom of the City of London.

1 "E. drefful headache. A. & C. to Mrs. Joshua to lunch - Dr. Richter then spoke very eloquently about Wagner & also about his Wagner�s poems"
2 "Dark cloud & fog - extraordinary for May - Had to light electric light."
3 Elgar write to Frances Colvin: "You are always so very lenient to me in my foolishness so I write to tell you how very sad we are to-day: my dear old friend Peter left this life this morning quite suddenly & painlessly: why should I tell you this! Because I want to write to somebody (- ? everybody) and say how really grieved I am - & then only two people in the world would understand & you are one, So you will not think me a nuisance. It is terrible to think how many human beings could he spared out of our little life's circle so much easier than my confidant & adviser Pietro d'Alba."
4 "E. A. C. to Queen's Hall Concert Ysa�e & Pugno - fine - Mrs Saffery to tea. also Mr. Arthur Boosey & Mr Landon Ronald -"
5 "E. very hard at work at his Concerto."
6 "E. A. to lunch with Willie & Sybil Baker at her Club. All the way to Covent Gn looking for news - Terrible news only too true - So difficult to believe the King was really dangerously ill - So terribly sudden. 1000s round Buckingham Palace. E. walked round. Maud Warrender to tea She thought the illness was very dangerous Oh! our own King. She was dear & beautiful E. A. & C. to Covent Garden for 2nd Act of Siegfried - They told E. the worst news might come any moment & the performance be stopped. Ghastly feeling to watch for it. At 1.30 A. heard the dreadful words called out in St. and again later -"
7 "Intense feeling of sadness. E. feeling desolate. A. & C. to find dress for C. Nos. & nos. of people in black already - Papers with beautiful articles - & people saying King Edward VII�s loss the greatest calamity wh. cd. befall the country."
8 Elgar writes to Frank Schuster: "These times are too cruel & gloomy - it is awful to be here now - that dear sweet-tempered King-Man was always so 'pleasant' to me."
9 "E.'s cold better but all very sad."
10 "E. very depressed. Went to Novellos wh. did not cheer him"
11 Lord Howe writes to Elgar: "Frank Schuster wrote to me yesterday, and told me of your offer to compose a Funeral March, to be played by the Military Bands at the Funeral. I immediately submitted it, through Sir Arthur Bigge, to the King, who desires me to thank you very warmly for your thoughtfulness, and to say that he is greatly touched by your most kind offer. His Majesty deeply appreciated your kind proposal, but I am to add that it is feared there is not enough time for the Bands to practise the March sufficiently, to ensure that it could be done justice to on the occasion."
12 "E. sad & unsettled."
13 "E. out to buy some mourning things & to Novello�s"
14 "E. at The Hut. First really warm day -"
15 "A. & C. to Spanish Place - Funeral March after Mass. Very touching."
16 "E. at The Hut."
17 "A. heard Clara was not well - Sent for Dr. (S. Paget) & he sd. it was mumps."
18 "A. very busy shutting up the Flat &c - then with C. & Jaulnay to the Hut after luncheon - Very lovely Evening, hot, & all beautiful - a rest after much worry -"
19 "At Hut - Wonderfully beautiful. Flowers, scents, birds singing - all fresh & green - E. very hard at work."
20 "Most splendid hot day - Cd. think of nothing but the beloved King's Funeral - Frank away in London to see it. A. & C. tried to walk & see the train go by but found dogs had left the boat too, so had to return - Heard the solemn guns about 1 - very impressive wonderful day."
21 "Lovely day. E. hard at work - A. & C. left Hut after lunch & returned - Vesy hard to leave E."
22 "E. at The Hut."
23 "A. & C. to Japanese Exhibition - Most lovely day, lovely to be out - Dined there."
24 "A. & C. busy - E. returned all well in aftn. D.G. Very engrossed in his booful musics."
25 "E. very hard at work. To Concert to hear Brahms' Violin Concerto in aftn."
26 Parry writes to Elgar: "I have had a letter from one Lady Strachey, who is a keen Woman Suffragist informing me that the National Union of their Societies have the words of a Song written for the Air composed by Sir Edward Elgar � �Land of Hope and Glory� and asking what is the best way to get permission to sing it at their meetings. She asked for a card with a line of introduction. So I told her I would inflict a letter upon you. If you are not in sympathy it will be rather hard on you to have your music sung to inspire the suffragettes. But it rests with you."
27 Elgar writes to Frank Schuster: "Here we �are� & life is not much more than mere being: How I miss the Hut & your talk of it!"
28 "Mr. Reed came to play Concerto with E. beautiful - He stayed to lunch - (provided mostly by Harrod & fetched by A. & C.!)"
29 "E. raser badsley in Evening. Had worked raser too hard -"
30 Elgar writes to Billie Reed: "I do not know how to thank you sufficiently for your kind help and most beautiful playing on Saturday. I am anxious to send the first movement to the printers and am only waiting for the final 'flourish'. I enclose a truly diabolical effort: I wish you could look at it and if you could spare a few minutes before Thursday I should be so very obliged if you could play it to me."
31 "E. very headachy."


British explorers find Pygmies in the Great Snow Mountains of Dutch New Guinea.

Jean Charcot acclaimed in Paris upon return from unsuccessful attempt to reach the South Pole.

Birth of Pietro Annigoni, Italian artist.

Birth of French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.

Birth of Mary Whitehouse, General Secretary of the National Viewers and Listeners Association.

1 "Very busy packing &c ... Alice S. W. to say goodbye to us at the flat. E. to the Opera - After taking A. & C. to dine at his Club - A. saw Whitehall flats. A. & C. very busy clearing things - A. called at Lady Charlie�s &c &c &c
2 Elgar writes to Alfred Littleton: "I was sorry to miss you yesterday & am glad you like the look of the Concerto I wish you could have heard Mr. Reed play some of it - I wanted to arrange it here but it was too difficult - (the problem of meeting I mean not the Concerto)."
3 "E. at Midland Hotel Birming. Rehearsal in aftn. Had tea with Mr Beale at Maple Bank. Splendid Concert. L. Ronald conducted the Symphony - Crowded house. E. conducted the Variations, Wand of Youth &c enormous enthusiasm. A. & C. very very busy struggling with house."
4 "E. home 9.55 Connelly cabs. Lovely day - Hot & fine - garden looking lovely - E. liking it. Wonderful white lupins & yellow & poppies & peonies just coming & Heuchera & Geum - &c. & roses & Clematis - Cuckoos & birds all singing. Swallows' nest with eggs & small babies. E. looking well & pleasant time & great success at Birm. D.G."
5 Elgar writes to Windflower: "I arrive at the Deanery, Lincoln, on Tuesday eveng: please let me know at that address when & where you arrive. You may know my hostess (I do not yet!) but she - Mrs Wickham - was a daughter of Gladstone."
6 "E. very busy - Letters & his musics - Muss peased with his house & garden & not wanting to gose away. For a ride with C. in P.M. Packing for E. gosing on -"
7 "E. to Lincoln - at 11.30 Connolly taxi - Gray rather heavy air - rain beginning. E. had good journey & stayed at the Deanery. A short chorus rehearsal in Evg. A. & C. very busy - To town in Connolly taxi in aft. walked back -"
8 "E. at Deanery, Lincoln. rehearsal - Conducted his Wand of Youth at Evening Concert. great success. A. & C. very very busy so much to arrange. Very hot house air & rain - Violent, indeed terrific thunderstorm about 11 P.M. frightful - torrents of rain -"
9 "Very fine & hot at Lincoln - Most wonderful & impressive performance of "Gerontius", E. said �lovely to see & hear" - So thankful - E. to supper at Dr. Bennetts. A. & C. very hard at work getting things into order - Very hot & heavy air - but fine in P.M. & C. went to Worcester with the F. James - motoring. Did not see Aeroplane go up -"
10 "E. badsley headache after supper at Dr. Bennetts after fatigues - Very hot & fine at Lincoln. E. left about 11 - & went to The Hut. Trust it is dry there - At Hereford thick gray mist. Very heavy hothouse air. Heavy storm again about 11 P.M. & torrents of rain - Pianola came, no one to help it in! Very busy day with it. A. & C. into town taxi into town walked back -"
11 "Heard from E. & gathered head was better - Very heavy air & mist. A gleam of sun in P.M. then a little light rain & lightning later. Moving furniture to suit Pianola - A. & C. practised it."
12 "E. at The Hut. Lionel Holland there - A. & C. to town Church at 8 - Nice morning."
13 "A. very busy in the house - which was gradually progressing. Lovely weather in garden lovely."
14 "To town to see Mr. Littleton about American arrgt. & Pippa who had arrived all safe. Took her to Hut. A. & C. to Colwall Connelly cab heavenly weather perfect scenery Walked thro� lovely flowering meads to Brit. Camp & long way down Ridgeway but did not reach open part. Rested sitting on Hill & had tea then drove to M. Wells station & so home. Walked from station."
15 "E. at The Hut. All to town - Saw Russian dances. A. & C. to river below Littery to lunch out. not wanted in the �ouse! Very hot sun returning Most beautiful for scenery & sky -"
16 "C. judging flower competitions. House nearly finished. Heavenly weather. Garden lovely."
17 E;gar write to Ivor Atkins: "Now the Concerto is printing & waxes big & you must see it. So I hope you will be able to come to use as of yore before the S. fever days - so long ago. I think you will like the stuff!"
18 "E. arrived by corridor Connelly cab. All well D.G. Had had to go to Messrs. N. so cd. not motor with Frank to Oxford as arranged. E. enjoyed the garden -"
19 "E. A. & C. & Pippa to Belmont Connelly car &c - little round afterwards. Very hot. Garden peonies & roses quite lovely."
20 "Pippa left. Connelly - Very very hot. E. & C. for short ride."
21 "Lovely day. not quite so hot. E. raser tired. Connelly car, meaning to go to the Northgate but it was so noisy we gave it up & returned. Wrote to Villa for music paper for E."
22 "Lovely day. not so hot. A. & C. to town Conly taxi. Thunderstorm -"
23 Elgar write to Windflower: "I have no news except that I am appalled at the last movement and cannot get on: - it is growing so large - too large I fear and I have headaches; Mr Reed comes to us next Thursday to play it through and mark the bowings in the first movement and we shall judge the finale and condemn it: if you like."
24 "Faser finished & sent off last movement of the Violin Concerto E. & C. for walk."
25 Elgar writes to Ivor Atkins: "W H Reed - a good man - cometh here on Thursday (morning I think - but the proceedings promise to be long & lively) to play thro� the Concerto & help me �bow� the same. Why should you not come & help? & cast an avuncular eye on the merry, vibrant gut?"
26 "E. busy writing."
27 "E. busy writing."
28 "A. to Malvern"
29 "E. much annoyed at hearing Novello had given proofs of Concerto to Newman to show Kreisler - Sent stringent, disapproving telegram."
30 "E. very hard at work & rather worried over the Concerto plans -"


The Black and Decker Co. is founded by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker.

Oscar T. Tamm of St. Louis becomes the first man to cross Arctic Circle by car.

Self-government for Finland abolished.

Britons win both mens and womens singles titles at Wimbledon.

1 "E. muss puzzled over Performance of Concerto plans - All fighting hard - Went to London corridor. taxi? & saw Mr. Littleton & met Kreisler & showed him the Concerto much impressed. He said at one passage �I will shake Queen's Hall"! - I pray he will & all go well."
2 "E. left London & met A. (& Jaulnay) at Bristol. Had tiring journey - A left (Connolly cab) & had a waiting journey to Bristol, So peased to see E. cd. not find him at first. Carriage met them at Truro. Lovely drive to Porthgwidden nice afternoon. A very warm welcome, Mary & Col. Trefusis both came onto outer door to meet & greet them. Lovely view & place - tea in lovely Loggia -"
3 "E. for a long walk in aftn. with the Colonel - liked it all much. Lovely day. Sat out in loggia & walked in lovely grounds - Lovely view of Estuary & away to sea & glimpse of ships. Lovely air - Mary very radiant delightful to see her in her own beautiful home - devoted to her Colonel & boy - & making a noble, high, & beautiful atmosphere all around. her. A very noble woman."
4 Elgar writes to Frank Schuster: "My dear Frankie, It is heavenly etc. here! but I would like to choose my company as you allow us (me?) to do at the Hut. You remember we looked round the corner of the House on to the terrace. Lady M is as of old and always very �nice� & dear & rather severe. Of the rest I will tell you. Alice is radiantly happy & sleeps always - the air is divinely reposeful."
5 "Very wet morning but cd. still be out in Loggia. E. busy writing. Cleared after luncheon, E. & Col. Trefusis walked. Mary drove A. with her nice ponies a lovely round, past Quaker's meeting House "Come to Good� -"
6 Alice writes to Windflower: "We are much looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Your train only stops at Worcester & Malvern, & leaves Paddington 1.40 � I do hope it will clear up for you to see the Country looking beautiful. It is lovely here, & E. looks so rested & refreshed - Perhaps it is as well we have to leave tomorrow, it is so beautiful & soothing one might forget the outer world too soon. The 3rd movement of the Concerto is beyond words beautiful."
7 "E. & A. left Porthgwidden about 10 - Col. Trefusis & Capt. Seymour Erskine drove them into Truro - At Exeter E. went on to Bournemouth with Jaulnay - A. went on to Bristol waited there, then to Severn Tunnel, waited 1 hour there."
8 "A. & C. returned from Newland, stopping at Gloucester to see houses on the way - home late, stray cab - E. at Bournemouth not liking at all. Rehearsal in morning & Concert in Evening. His sings went well & much enthusiasm. A. Littleton there - & E. like E. German - Saw Parry & Mackenzie. Did not speak to Stanford who fled when he saw E. !"
9 "E. home all safe D.G. from Bournemouth about 2.15? Connelly Cab. Very bored with festivities there. Much enthusiasm for him at Concert. Began to work again -"
10 "E. raser cold & badsly headache - A. & C. to Church at 8. E. & C. for walk - late."
11 Alice writes to John Austin: "Sir Edward asks me to write & tell you that he has just begun to orchestrate his Violin Concerto & he wd. be so very glad if you cd. come (bringing pens which suit you), & write in the Violin part for him � The first possible day for you he wd. be so glad to see you & we hope you wd. of course stay the night or longer. On Friday Sir E. has to go to York for a Rehearsal � If you shd. be able to come tomorrow, please not trouble to send word but just come �"
12 Francesco Berger writes to Elgar: "We are doing our utmost to fix Kreisler for the two performances of your Concerto. The first date (10 Nov) is all right, but our second one (24 Nov) does not suit him, & we cannot get Queen�s Hall before the 28 � so I am trying to find a date on which he can come & we can get the Hall. � The 30 Nov. seems possible for this and as soon as it is settled I shall of course write to you � meanwhile pray keep this open for us. �"
13 "E. very absorbed in his beautiful work - Mr. Austin arrived about 10. & wrote out the Vio. part in 1st movement. A. busy bracketing sheets &c - Mr. Austin quite overcome hearing some of the slow movement. Lovely high summer day - hot. E. & A. lovesly walk by river -"
14 Hans Richter writes to Elgar: "What splendid news: the Violin-Concerto will be ready in autumn. Who will have the honour to play it? Kreisler will play in Manchester on November the 3rd. I am told that after a short soir�e in England he will go to America, but this is a hearsay only. Please let me know as soon as possible who is nominated to introduce your work, because we should like to engage the same artist, who is honoured by your confidence. As conductor of the Halle-Concerts I feel obliged to ask you, whether we could have the first performance of the Concert; as friend I should not venture to be so importunate."
15 "E. to York by his souse 11.26. Taxi - Long, tiring journey. Saw Mr. Embleton & pleasant time with him at Leeds. Rehearsal, King Olaf, in evening. A. by 1. train Taxi to Cheltenham arranged about lost stud. then to Gloucester about a house. cd. not see the one possible one. Mistook train, so not back till late Connelly hansom - found telegrams from E. & C. all safe D.G. & saying Philharm had settled to give the Concerto with Kreisler - Quite cool & changed
16 "E. from York to Queen Anne's Had had fine rehearsal - & telegrams telling the Philc. wd. give the Concerto first. To Cambridge in aftn. A. very busy. Into town after tea. Taxi. Called at the Gortons - & to Church - Walked back, found dear telsegram from E. All safe in London -"
17 Elgar writes to Windflower: "The rehearsal (Chorus) was fine & promises well. Our Concerto is fixed for Nov 10 (& 30th) Kreisler - Philharmonic Socy Queen's Hall. I am here from two o'clock onwards and shall remain scoring hard till theatre time."
18 "E. at Queen Anne�s. Very busy, going to Novello & settling everything. Saw Frank but had headache & did not go to Opera with him - A. very busy over many things in getting ready."
19 "E. left Queen Anne�s for York. Went at once to Rehearsal - A. left 10 - - - - train & Jaulnay. Connolly cab - Arr. York Royal Station Hotel & found E. back from Rehearsal. Alice S. W. arrived & Prof. Terry - Went to rehearsal & saw Paul Kilburn & found Kilburns there, dined all together & then to E.'s rehearsal of King Olaf. Quite splendid. Superb Chorus."
20 "E. raser headache. Very wet & gray - & chilly. E. conducted in afternoon - Cockaigne, Variations, Sea Pictures & Wand of Youth, splendidly, electrified the Orch - & audience - E. did not go to Evening Conct. - or A. or A.S.W. Elijah - was given -"
21 "The Nobles had an 'At Home' at S. William�s College in aftn. then E. had rehearsal. with Gervase Elwes & Agnes Nicholls. Then King Olaf in Evening. Absolutely magnificent. E. swept all along with marvellous magnetism & all was a revelation of splendour."
22 "E. photographed & also with G. Bantock & Mr. Noble - All very jubilant over great success of Fest. & full of enthusiasm for E. Left about 12.20 & travelled home with Alice S. W. & maid & Jaulnay - taxi & cab. Connolly. Alice S. W. much excited seeing house, running seeing e verythg. Found C. here all well. D.G."
23 "E. taking up his Orchn. again - Cloudy & chilly. E. & Alice S. W. for walk in aftn. �King Olaf� ringing in one's mind -"
24 Tertius Noble writes to Elgar: "How can I express to you what I feel! it is quite impossible, but I think you know how truly grateful I am to you for all you did to make my first York Festival such a success � you have won the heart of every member of my Chorus by your wonderful charm of manner. I scarcely think you can realise how they all love you � we all have a very warm corner in our hearts for you � Thank you a thousand times for all you have done � I wish I could write what I feel � but I am not a good hand at the game! I shall never forget the lovely orchestral things you conducted - & the glorious performance of King Olaf will live in my memory till the end. York is bubbling over still, and cannot understand how it was all done! At our next Festival we shall have far greater support, of that I am certain - & I trust you will again honour us by coming �"
25 "E. very hard at work. After lunch Connolly Taxi to Kilpeck. Delightful drive - E. & Alice S. W. for walk afterwards. at 9.30 Alice S. W. C. & A. to Cathedral. Dr. Sinclair played Organ to them very beautifully - E. stayed & worked. Connolly taxi there & back"
26 "Windy - but gleams of Sun - E. very busy with his musics. A. into town & to meet Mr. Reed - Stray cab back. Dr. Sinclair to lunch. Glorious music. Mr. Reed playing the Concerto thro� & thro� - Cadenza wonderful. Canon & Mrs. Gorton to hear it. E. & C. & Alice S. W. & Mr. Reed for Boomerang walk - A. with Gorton to Castle Hill."
27 "Alice S. Wortley left. Connolly cab - Mr. Reed left Early Connolly Taxi - Still cloudy & windy - E. busy with more proofs &c. Alice S. Wortley left very regretfully. Seemed perfectly happy here. & quickly adopted the current vocabulary."
28 "E. very hard at work & finished orchestrating 1st movement, had done 2nd - his booful Concerto. Busy correcting &c - Very steamy & stuffy & rain storms."
29 Elgar writes to Windflower: "I have just posted the full score, over which we worked, to the publishers."
30 "A. & Mr. Martin to Cathedral &c - He gave E. interesting account of his life & very hard struggle - To London in P.M. Connolly cab - & taxi He played most wonderfully E. & C. for long walk."
31 "Troyte rode over. Quite a nice day. Mrs. Gorton & Lady Robinson & the Duchess & Miss Thomas to tea - E. & Troyte for long walk -"


Birth of composer William Schuman. (Died February 15, 1992.)

A dispute breaks out between Britain and Argentina following the banning of English beef.

In London electric street lamps are replaced by high-pressure gas lamps whch give more light in fog.

Death of Florence Nightingale.

A five mile stretch of Panama Canal is opened.

1 "Troyte here - Quite a nice summer day - E. hard at work. Troyte out sketching."
2 "E. vesy hard at work. Troyte left riding in heavy rain."
3 "E. vesy hard at work - Pippa arrived 5 P.M. E. had Taxi here & went to fetch her - Took her for a little walk after tea -"
4 "E. worked all the morning. Then after lunch E. A. & Pippa with a new Car, drove to Ross -"
5 "E. finished his orchestration of his most booful Concerto - Very happy over it. D.G. He & C. for long walk after tea -"
6 Ivor Atkins writes to Elgar: "A greeting from the Bavarian Highlands. It is so curious to see names up here and there which you have made us familiar with. This morning we went to St. Anton."
7 Elgar writes to Alfred Littleton about a proposed world tour: "My dear Littleton, I have today recd. the enclosed from Dr. Harriss. I have acknowledged its receipt & have said I am sending it on to you as you arrange these matters for me. I hope that is satisfactory. Now I think a proper agreement shd be required or a specific letter written by Dr. Harriss mentioning terms & forfeit if the tour is curtailed or abandoned �"
8 "A. raser badsley."
9 Elgar writes to Troyte Griffith: "Do you want a cat? a kitten has come astray & I have to feed it & amuse it as I am the only useless one in the family - The cat hath a virgin mind & you might train it any way or in any philosophy which might please you - except, of course, gymnosophy which is barred by the animal's fur being attached to the body."
10 "C. to Carrow House Norwich. E. went to station with her & saw her off. Richard met her in London & took her across to Liverpool St."
11 "E. & A. to Severn Grange at 4.20. Found Mr. & Mrs. Whinfield very nice & pleasant. E. pleased to see it all again & able to tell them things about the house they did not know. Old Mr. W. used to consult him where to put pictures & things - garden wonderful but damp -"
12 "at Severn Grange. E. rowed A. & Mrs. Fitton on lake in Evening. rather malarial, A. thought. E. took A. for walk to Claines Church in A.M. & saw his relatives tomb & where he used to sit & read scores, years ago."
13 Fritz Kreisler writes to Elgar: "Just a line in haste to let you know that I just received the third mouvements, The two first ones are fairly advanced and I will start work immediately with the third."
14 The Elgars go to stay with the de Navarros in Broadway: "He and Alice came over to us and stayed, and, to the four of us, it seemed as though we had known each other for years. There was a delightful understanding between us. We had an organ in the gallery of our music room, and there he went each evening as the sun began to set, asking me to blow for him while he improvised. Sometimes he liked what he was dreaming of, saying: "I must do that again to try and remember it. Do you like it?""
15 "Court Farm. Lovely in Garden - A sat thro� Evg. nice talk with Father Gregory - then rather ill For walk down Village after tea -"
16 "E. in chapel. A. after bad night - in bed one long fast!"
17 "at Court Farm - E. at Chapel - A. not down till nearly noon - They persuaded E. & A. to stay on - Very pleasant Evening. A. muss better. C. on Norfolk Broads"
18 "at Court Farm - Sat in garden, & E. played football across the pool - till time to start. Lovely drive to Worcester past Spetchley all the places E. had told me of - Home about 6.30 - found all well D.G. Clara to town to meet C. & take her to see Flat dentist &c. C. stayed at Malvern."
19 "E. vesy worried wis business things & raser depressed - Unpacked cabinet & bench from Orchestrelle - nice in drawing room."
20 "Very peased to have C. back. at about 12. Connolly taxi? E. raser better -"
21 "E. A. & C. to Belmont - Gale of wind -"
22 "Miss Paget came at 5. After tea in taxi to Lugwardine Meadows then walked across meadows to Hampton Bishop & home - Rather trying Bull in a lane in field -"
23 "A. to London 6.20 train, saw new Club. Nice but small. then long time at Mount St flat - rather nice but might feel like a cage - for her booful Eagle bird. Lunched with Pippa - Shopped. Home about 9."
24 "E. dug potatoes went on with his Anthem, pleased with his flying Kings - 48th Psalm"
25 "in Connolly taxi to Gloucester A. took E.�s sings to the Brewers - then 'Gerontius' rehearsal - An unknown young man sd. in an audible voice when it was announced. "Now we shall have some music� - All atmosphere changed the moment the beautiful sounds began E. on to London -"
26 "E. at Langham. Miss Paget left early - Had seemed very happy here -"
27 "E. at Langham. Raser depressed letter so A. raser mis. He did not much like Mount St. flat. Saw Pippa -"
28 "Happy with letters from E. who had been "busy as any bee", looking at & rather liking Ashley Gardens flat & was going on to Leasam - A. & C. wild expedition in pouring rain to take books &c to some people - cd. not find them."
29 "E. at Leasam left motoring & went to Canterbury. Saw Cathedral, had Dr. Palmer to dine at Hotel."
30 "E. left Canterbury for Langham -"
31 "A. to London 6.20 - Went to Langham & with E. to Ashley Gardens. Did not like flats at all. E. & A. lunched with Pippa - Went to a shop or two - to Langham. A. tosed up E. & put all his sings straight for him, then went to Messrs. Turners about flats."


The newly renovated Berlin Opera House opens.

Birth of the composer Samuel Barber.

A British doctor asserts that, at the present rate, the insane will outnumber the sane by 1950.

In Italy 100,000 leave Naples to escape a cholera epidemic.

1 Elgar write to Windflower: "Such a fine rehearsal to-day Symphony & Gerontius. Tomorrow I try the concerto with Kreisler - he is delighted with it - I want someone to turn over? Then at Gloucester we do it again -"
2 "Very busy preparing for Gloucester -"
3 "To Gloucester. A. C. Jaulnay & Preece by 9.54 train Connelly Cab & omnibus - Clara & Edith later - walked - Began unpacking, moving furniture &c - Luncheon prepared & appreciated. A. out ordering supplies. E. & Pippa arrived all well, D.G. & house soon began to look nice - Prof. Terry arrived Early & helped. E. had short rehearsal Nice Evening. E. pleased with house."
4 "E. & C. to Church at 8.30 Schoolroom Church being repaired - very trying place. A. too tired - Pleasant breakfast. Prof. Terry, Pippa & Carice to the Service. Frank arrived about 5 & Whittemore soon after. All so happy. Mr. & Mrs. Reed to dine & then he played the wonderful Concerto, arranged in the Hall but others came before we were quite ready. Dr. Lloyd, Brewer & Lee Williams, Dorabella & Miss Danks, Dr. Sinclair & Miss Holland. Wonderful to hear & great impression made. Some stayed for refreshments"
5 "A. out ordering things & finishing settling house. E. rehearsing in aftn. May King arrived. New element in our Fest. party. dear thing. Everybody liked her. Some to Concert rehearsal. Whittemore up to town. Pippa said �For a ride in the chu-chu.� or words to that effect. Not back till 12.45. E. & Terry sat up & then Terry alone -"
6 "A. Pippa wandered round & heard 'God Save the King' the new reign, from the lawn by Cathedral. (Prelude wonderful, E. quite electric & wonderful in conducting) Mary de Navarro & maid arrived after tea - All of us to Triforium to hear Gerontius. Tribulation getting there - most beautiful. Like being on a mystic height or Island. Most beautiful performance."
7 "Whittemore left after lunch. Sad to go. All to Cathedral - Mr. Macarthur, & Mr. Gilsheman & Todi came. E. gave wonderful rendering of Symphony, people seemed to breathe again after slow movement & the rest went with terrific force. Made deep impression - Large luncheon party. Mr. Alington, Acworths &c. Not many to Concert in Evening - Broadway party left together. delighted."
8 "May King left. sorry. All to hear Verdi�s Requiem - lunch a little late. Many people. Frank left - Sad to go. Kreisler came & played the Concerto, people sat outside & on stairs - most enthusiastic & wonderful to hear. Prof. Terry & Carice motored to Highnam then Prof. Terry took A. lovely little drive to Cooper's Hill. Mrs. Gandy arrived very delightful & gay."
9 "All to Triforium to hear The. Messiah - E. loved it & so did A - All loved being in the Triforium - Nice Orch men to lunch - Then walked & talked & rather dull people to tea - Robin Legge wept on Thursday hearing Concerto saying I cannot speak of it. I never heard anything so beautiful. Kreisler came in in Evening & played again & talked splendidly he sd. to E. "You have written an immortal work'' -"
10 "Sorry it was all over. A. very exhaustingly busy. Pd. bills saw to re-settling house, sent servants home &c. Left for Hasfd. about 4.30. Mrs. Murray's car, very tired. Found Mr. & Mrs. Penny & Mr. & Mrs. Townshend there & Mrs. Murray -"
11 "At Hasfield. Nice Sunny day. Sat in garden &c. E. & Mr. Townshend played bowls. A. not down till lunch time nearly."
12 "E. & A. C. & Pippa from Hasfield - Connolly car from station. Nice drive into Gloucester in Mrs. Murray's car - All pleased to be home. Very glad to have been at Hasfield again all very pleasant there."
13 "Mr. Hull to tea - Were all asked to dine at Brockhampton Ct."
14 "Pippa left. Very sad for her to go. She wrote on E.' s diary "Pippa kies". dear thing - E. with her to London - Serious interview with Edgar Speyer in Evening - All settled most happily, so dankbar. E. & Pippa to Play -"
15 "E. at Queen Anne's Mansions - Saw Novello - To play with Pippa -"
16 "Faser home by corridor all well D.G. & worries with E. Speyer happily smoothed."
17 "E. expecting proofs - none came -"
18 "E. & A. for walk -"
19 "A. very busy settling Gloucester things &c."
20 "Sunny, though cold - E. enjoying things & for a walk with C. in fields - Mr. Hull came & took photographs of E. A. & C. & of curious plant."
21 "E. intended going to Hut but had headache & postponed - All packed & taxi just coming -"
22 "E. muss better & to Hut. Connolly cab. Had tea with Stuart-Wortleys on the way - Pippa at Hut -"
23 Elgar writes to Windflower: "I missed the train but took a later one. found Mrs. Howard & Pippa here. P. departed this a.m. but, I think, returns tomorrow. We have asked Kreisler and Ronald for Sunday but at this moment I know nothing - I shall hear tomorrow I hope. I have been to all the dear, well-remembered bits of the garden: it is very lovely peaceful & quiet now. I loved every minute of my visit yesterday - I can�t tell when I come in again but if I can come to see the flat tomorrow a.m I�ll wire or telephone."
24 "E. at Hut. Lovely sunny warm day. A. & C. to Longhope, walked - walked to the Church & saw monuments & tombs of the Probyn family, & old lady at Cottage who remembered everybody & delighted to see anyone of "the family" -"
25 "A. & C. to Church Early. E. at Hut."
26 "E. at The Hut."
27 "E. at The Hut. Lovely day."
28 "E. at The Hut - C. to Cheltenham, motored with Mrs. F. James -"
29 "A. & C. to Winchcombe at 1 - Enjoyable there. but journey so tedious. Surprise, & delight, found E. had returned" Elgar writes to Frank Schuster: "Here I am & find a pile of proofs. You see I did come home � I know you thought I was off!"
30 "Very peased to have E. at home - He & A. long walk. vesy nice -"


The discovery of the mummy of a Red Sea pharaoh.

The Portuguese provisional government orders the expulsion of all nuns and monks within 24 hours.

Birth of the American jazz pianist Art Tatum.

Death of Julia Ward Howe, who wrote the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

1 "A. & Mrs. Crump in aftn. Connolly taxi & then to meet Mr. Macarthur E. & he walked into town -"
2 Fritz Kreisler sends a telegram to Elgar: "Just arrived this morning additional engagements make it unfortunately impossible for me to come Hereford now stay London until tomorrow night please Mail part today with written explanation your wonderful work grows daily more on me"
3 "E. saw Dr. Grindrod who was seriously ill & then Jarge Jones & walked with him & Mrs. J. to Colwall & so home - stray cab."
4 "Lovely day. After lunch Mr. Hull called & he & C. rode. E. & A. in taxi (Connolly) to Backberry. Lovely there spent nearly 2 hrs. there. Gorgeous sunset."
5 "Lovely day E. to Winchcombe, taxi to & from station met Mr. Arthur & saw the house - Did not think it wd. do - home 30 train. Enjoyed the walk about Winchcombe."
6 "E. working at Pomp & Circ. March - not vesy well & raser depressed -"
7 "Large parcel of proofs. E. vesy busy -"
8 "Stuffy day - Prof. helping E. with proofs &c - After lunch E. A. C. & Prof. Terry over ferry to Dinedore heavy air & damp - E. foot stung."
9 "E. & Prof. comparing parts in Score. Much good work - E's ducksie fuss so swelled, Dr. Collens came late."
10 "E's fuss vesy swelled. Gave up going to London stayed in bed till Evening. Prof. Terry left by corridor. Very sad to go - Seems devoted to the Plas Gwyn group."
11 "Very wet - torrents, in fact. E. arrived all well Prof. Terry met him & they met Frank & walked across Park together -"
12 "E. at Queen Anne�s Mansions. Very busy with proofs. Mr. Littleton to see him & stayed to lunch. Prof. Terry & Harold Brooke to see him. Much to arrange -"
13 Elgar writes to John Austin: "I believe I shall have practically all the orchl. parts of the Concerto at the end of next week at Hereford to play through: should you be free - Will you send me a line here? I shall be here for the next few days. I fear my old viola has gone off � could you bring one � my fiddle wd. do or you might bring both violin & viola."
14 "A. to Queen Anne's Mansions - Connolly taxi - Jaulnay met her & she found E. all well. Unpacked then Emil Paul came & E. played through the Concerto to him & then Harold Brooke about proofs &c Dined with S. Wortleys & to play with them - Not a good play."
15 "A. seeing House prospects. Kreisler came after his aftn. concert & played thro� the Concerto. Wonderful. quite different from previous time. Most enthusiastic. Alice S. Wortley turned over for E. A. turned for Kreisler -"
16 Elgar writes to Carice: "Dear chuck: The paint [Alice] is here & might be (I hope is) very comfortable, but she cannot come in from the next room while the coffee is hot & there are tribulations about fastening frocks (good Lor!) Kreisler was here & played divinely yesterday also Alice W. The Concerto is all right & sound in King�s din."
17 "Saw Westminster houses - no good. Kreisler to lunch very pleasant & nice Mr. R. Legge came just after. Then a glorious playing of Concerto. really magnificent. H. Brooke allowed in Kreisler stayed long. E. & A. to Follies in Evening & much amused."
18 "A. lunched with A. S. Wortley. E. came afterwards & we went to see Flat together -"
19 "E. to Novello - Mr. S. Wortley & Alice & Clare dined with us at E.'s Club. Then to Henry VIII. very very fine - E. saw Tree & Bourchier between the Acts. Said he was quite afraid to shake hands or talk to Bourchier he looked so really like Henry VIII."
20 "E. & A. returned home 1.40 train -"
21 "Very busy clearing up & E. clearing up letters & proofs E. & C. long walk Lugg meadows - C. lay down in a wet ditch! slipping in & E. more or less wet."
22 Elgar send Ivor Atkins a telegram: "Busy all day with proofs so glad if you could come over even for an hour any time or stay night if possible."
23 "Nice morning. E. A. C. & Troyte to Belmont. Connolly taxi. Mr. Austin arrived about 2c: Immediately almost began work. Dr. Sinclair came up in aftn. & turned over for E. for a while. A. & C. & Troyte all busy helping. Mr. Hull came in Evening & played for E. & helped much - All very gay over it."
24 "Mr. Austin & Troyte left 11.30. Connolly Taxi - After most strenuous work but all nearly finished & huge parcel soon despatched. E. & C. for walk."
25 "E. tired - grey day - For short walk with C. in aftn."
26 "E. still raser tired. Very warm gray day. A. to Fruit Show & tea with Gortons."
27 "Grey & windy real Brumaire - Ivor to lunch. Very pleasant. Afterwards he & E. for walk & had Connolly Taxi to meet them at Mordiford."
28 "Very wet & gloomy, E. working at his Symphony."
29 "A. to Malvern at Corridor - E. & C. followed at 3 - Delightful Brodsky 4t Concert."
30 A quiet day catching up with correspondence.
31 "E. to London by corridor taxi - Langham. Rehearsed with Lady Maud -"


The first parliament of the new Union of South Africa opens in Cape Town.

Herbert Asquith asks King George V if he will create peers to allow passage of the House of Lords reform bill.

New rules in American football rules reduces the season's death toll to 14 from 24.

Leo Tolstoy dies.

Dr. Crippen is hanged.

1 Alice writes to Nicholas Kilburn in Sunderland: "Much love to you both, Edward will love seeing you, & I know you will take care of him �"
2 "E. concert at Sunderland - Rehearsal in P.M. Mr. & Mrs. Kilburn there - All went well. much enthusiasm."
3 "E. home all safe D.G. from Sunderland. & not so very tired. Connolly taxi -"
4 "E. went to Manchester. Called on the Richters & saw Made then stayed for Concert - Kreisler played the Bach Concerto - E. liked it all -"
5 "E. for a walk. A. & C. to Organ Recital - tea at Dr. Sinclair's Mrs. Foster motored us home."
6 Elgar writes to Professor Terry: "The violin concerto goes well also but much tribulation over mistakes alas!"
7 Max Mossel writes to Elgar: "A thousand thank for sending me your great Concerto. I have been longing to get it so that I may start to work at it, as I want to play it as soon as possible, and I do so hope that I may play it at one of our Promenade Concerts here next season and that you will honour me, and us all by conducting it then."
8 Parry writes to Elgar: "I have been keeping your letter from �College Green Gloucester� by me ever since it came, always meaning to w rite, and always having something to stop me; but all the same I cling to better late than never. I fully appreciate the reason you couldn�t come over to Highnam and wished I could have ventured to ask to be admitted to hear Kreisler play the Concerto. But then things claimed me. Now I look forward to hearing in on Thursday, and hope you will enjoy the occasion as much as the audience is sure to do myself included."
9 "E. to rehearsal - wonderful to hear Orch. with Vio. for Ist time. Many there listening Members of Philc. E. peased - & Kreisler wildly enthusiastic."
10 The Violin Concerto receives its first performance: "To concert with Frank in car. Poured in desperate torrents. Crowd enormous. Excitement intense - Performance wonderful. Enthusiasm unbounded - Shouts - E. walked backwards & forwards bringing Kreisler but England wanted him & he had to come by his souse. He looked beautiful & Kreisler fine & dignified - A wonderful event. Then back & E. changed & Frank had a supper about 40. Table all done with White heather for E. he took Maudie & sat between her & Winifred Elwes with Lord Northampton close by. Frank took A. Then E.'s health Frank & Kreisler Then surprise. E. part Songs from the Greek booful sung by men from Westminster & S. Paul�s - Frank thought of everythg & made all beautiful -"
11 "E. all well - & to Queen's Hall for Eastbourne Rehearsal by 10 - Everythg. full of beautiful memories of previous evening - & all papers splendid. Many letters telegrams &c - all delighted."
12 "E. & Frank motored in lovely Car to Eastbourne started about 11.30. Lovely drive. E. to Concert, conducted all by his Souse in Evening. All went well - A. home all by hersouse."
13 "E. at Eastbourne returned to London in morning. Lunched at Athenaeum - to Queen's Hall & with Alice S. W. to tea at the Sidney Colvin's. Dined with Wortleys. A. rested till after lunch - Very well all day -"
14 Elgar writes to Windflower: "How nice it wd. be to pay a solemn call �after dining� - but I must go. It was so lovely yesterday. Another house has faded into fog. The last (Lady C. Leslie�s) seems to be miles from any station & has no bathroom! I really cannot go back to savagery even to be near London."
15 "E. getting over letters &c - & re-settling. Very cold - frost &c."
16 "Very cold. Frost. E. out by his souse. Strawdinary doodness Called on Dr. Gladstone & sent him pot of flowers, & on Canon Gorton & had tea with the 44�s -"
17 "E. very busy with his 2nd Symphony."
18 "Very cold E. rather feeling it."
19 A. to tea at Broadlands taxi there - E. fessed her home walking.
20 "A. & C. to Church in town - taxi - Then E. A & C. in taxi to Lyons hall - lovely afternoon E. enjoyed drive. Saw the Church & then Arkwrights & settled they shd. come to Plas Gwyn - for Election."
21 "E. &. Jaulnay to Glasgow at 10.46 - arr. in time for rehearsal - Very cold & foggy & horrible - Mrs. Arkwright to lunch at Plas Gwyn."
22 "E. at Glasgow - Conducted "The Kingdom" Drefful headache."
23 "E. returned home from Glasgow - Had not enjoyed his ducksie souse."
24 Dan Godfrey writes from Bournemouth: "You will be glad to hear that the second performance of your Concerto was entirely successful here yesterday. Kreisler played the work magnificently and expressed himself in the warmest terms as to our support. I doubt whether there has ever been more enthusiasm shown in the production of a new work and I hope to be able to arrange a repetition in April next. Doubtless Kreisler will tell you about it when you next meet."
25 "Ivor Atkins left after long morning of Bach -"
26 "E. to Queen Anne Mansions."
27 "E. at Queen Anne�s."
28 "A. finished house for Arkwrights who began to arrive before she left. Taxi - corridor. Found E. all well at Queen Annes - Not out in Evening."
29 "Dined at the L. Goetz - Huge party. E. took Mrs. Asquith down to dinner - A. went down with Sir E. Speyer - After dinner E. played most wonderfully the accomt. for Muriel to sing the Sleep Song. Then shoals of people came & wd. play the Piano - E. bored somewhat -"
30 "E. to rehearsal at 9 - Concert most wonderful Enormous crowd & immense enthusiasm, & reception of E. & the work. The De Navarros & Mr. & Mrs. Legge came to supper at Queen Anne's & Frank - Very nice little time. All excited & enthusiastic."


In New York Arturo Toscanini conducts the world premiere of Puccini's Girl of the Golden West with Enrico Caruso.

Birth of the film producer Carlo Ponti.

Birth of the British ballerina Alicia Markova.

Chinese troops occupy east Tibet.

1 Alice writes to Carice: "We have been out to church & I went to my Club & think I will like it very much �Faser had no headache after all fatigues looks a little tired & depressed altogether � but such weather! really too bad to do anything, only not cold wh. is better for me �"
2 Alice writes to Professor Terry: "I feel we have been remiss in letting you hear, what curious English, I mean in not letting you hear, oh! it is all tied up in a knot. I have only time to tell you the 2nd performance was more wonderful even than the 1st. More authority and more easy mastery, it seemed over too soon like a beautiful dream - many lovely sounds in the Orch. came out, we heard before - Tremendous enthusiasm."
3 A quiet day at the flat.
4 "Westminster Cathedral - very wet. To tea with the S. Colvins -"
5 A quiet day at the flat.
6 "E. & A. to see The Liars - in Evening."
7 Elgar writes to Windflower: "Alice is just leaving for home & I go tomorrow - I don�t know why but it seems to arrange itself so & what I want to do pleases no one!"
8 "E. home on Thursday. taxi - Had chosen booful watch for Troyte "
9 Agnes Leicester writes to Alice: "I have wanted so often to write & tell you of our intense enjoyment of the most beautiful Concerts. To say it surpassed most wild expectations is putting it in a very mild way, but only a heavenly inspired mind could have conceived such celestial music, and that wonderful man seemed born on purpose to play it. I shall never rest until I have heard it again which I hope to do on the 28th."
10 "C. returned from Heaves. Sarah went to Crewe to meet her - taxi to station & to bring them up here -"
11 "E. & C. to see floods & liberate sticks in the currents."
12 "Monday 12 - Very busy packing &c & arranging everything. E. & A. left Plas Gwyn by Corridor & Taxi - tea & dinner & rest with Frank, left Victoria 8.30 - Very good night in ship & then on to Crefeld Glad of carriage to ourselves we cd. cool it -"
13 "E. & A. arr. Crefeld about 10.30. Drove in rather wretched Omnibus to Hotel. Depressing looking place - Shown into the K�nstler Zimmer, horrible gas stove - room covered with pictures - all dingy & soiled looking. E. horrified. Persuaded him to wait while A. went to see Krefelder Hof - Met Frau M. Reuter & eventually decided on other. Moved there & E. & A. to rehearsal - E. depressed at it & sd. next morning he must go home. but after he got up said he must try - "
14 "E. to rehearsal at 10 - A. later to fess him back - Orch. played much better & began to be enthusiastic -"
15 "E. & A. to lunch with M�ller Reuters. after rehearsal at 10 E. getting on much better with Orch. at least they played muss better & he became happier Orch quite enthusiastic."
16 "E. & A. to lunch with M�ller Reuters. after rehearsal at 10 E. getting on much better with Orch. at least they played muss better & he became happier Orch quite enthusiastic.
17 E. & A. at Crefeld - rested, walked about a little. Prof. M�ller-Reuter & Frau Gemahlin to lunch with us - E. had flowers for her & photo for him - They were pleased Frau von Weise & Herr Eckert to tea - Then to Concert - Beautiful Hall. Great performance of Symphony. immense enthusiasm & impression - E. recalled again & again & at last took up Max Schillings (General Music Director at Stuttgart) & Mr. Reuter with him. Then Fest Essen & speeches. Most great homage to E - back thankfully happy at about 12.30 - Orch. stood up & gave E. a Tusch at end of Symphony -"
18 "E. & A. at Crefeld - E. vesy tired. Struggled up & A. packed & ready just in time - Delay in carriage coming & people in street much interested to watch. Prof. Buths met us at Dusseldorf lunched with them so cultured & devoted & pleasant, rested then to Von Weise, pleasant time much laughter & talk - glorious remembrance of Symphony then to tea with the Buths & in train at 8.30 - good sleep in ship -"
19 "Arr. London about 9 - A. to Paddington & left luggage. Then to Club - E. to Frank then to fetch watch - Missed A. at Franks met at Paddington & on by corridor - Home about 5 all well & found C. & all well D.G - A splendid remembrance we bring from Crefeld."
20 "E. vesy tired - A. rested for breakfast. Then all busy for Christmas -"
21 "E. vesy tired - A. into town & pd calls & found presents &c. & arranging house &c -"
22 "All very busy - E. muss better - & writing all kind letters &c. E. A. & C. Connelly taxi to station walked back by corridor to Malvern. Lunched with Mrs. Fitton then at 4.15 to station, met Troyte & to Imperial Hotel for presentation. All very nice & friendly & informal. E. made dear nice speech & looked like a sunbeam. Troyte much touched & really delighted -"
23 All very busy with pesents &c - expeditions into town - E. went again late & sat with Canon Gorton -"
24 "A. very busy for house & presents &c - E. busy wis� his sings - Very dood sending cards &c - E. to meet Alice S. W. & then to meet Made L�ry. Troyte came. Connolly taxi & cab - All guests a little strange at first."
25 "Lovely sunny day not cold - E. A. C. Troyte & Made L�ry to Belmont. Large Car. Short d�tour home - Alice S. W. to Cathedral. Pleasant lunch - E. & A.S.W. for walk C. Troyte & Mll. L. to James - curious party! Troyte enraged with drawing room. Very pleasant Evg. E. showed his robes &c & then played new Symphony. A very dear day - E. so much happier than ever before over Fest."
26 "Nice fine day. E. & Alice played some music - Alice, E. & Troyte as far as Ross together - E. & Troyte walked most of the way home together. Made L�ry read a few things aloud most beautifully in Evening -"
27 "C. & Troyte to Malvern at 3. Connolly taxi. C. to Acworths for Dixey's Ball. Made L�ry away at 4. Connolly taxi - Hope she enjoyed her stay said it had been delicieuse. E. badsley headache went to bed very early."
28 "Cold frost. Better as day proceeded - E. not well. gave up going to London to Concert to hear his Concerto. Nice Telegram from Frank & Alice in Evg. saying Concert was good & enthusiastic letter from Robin Legge next morning. Great & enthusiastic audience. Carice returned by corridor. Connolly cab. Enjoyed her dance."
29 "E. not vesy well but better. Splendid accounts of Concerto at Queen's Hall preceding day. Enthusiasm enormous audience."
30 "Nice mild day. Singing of Birds. E. turning to his Symphony."
31 "E. at Liverpool. Saw Art Gallery & his favourite picture of The Pot of Basil Millais. Then rehearsal. Band read Concerto marvellously. Then splendid Concert. Philc. Hall crowded. & all enthusiasm. Kreisler played splendidly. E. home about 10.30. Taxi -"

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