Elgar Complete Edition

Volume 6
The Dream of Gerontius

Series I : Choral Works

Publication History

  • First published : 1982
  • Publisher : Novello (Music Sales)
  • Novello catalogue number : NOV730006 (hardback); NOV730006-01 (softback)
  • Current availability : currently out of print

Detailed Description

  • Editors :Jerrold Northrop Moore, Christopher Kent
  • Number of pages : xii + 212
  • Page size : 432 mm x 280 mm (portrait)
  • Binding : cloth (hardback) and paper (softback)
  • Number of illustrations : 2 (monochrome)
  • Contents :
    • Foreword
    • Composer's note recording the forces required
    • Critical commentary
    • Illustrations
    • List of contents
    • The Dream of Gerontius full score

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